Early Morning Wander

The ocean lined with ships waiting for passage into the harbour and a huge big oil rig lighting up the dawn sky. These views make my morning walks so worth while!

Like clock-work, three times a week, I’m up at 5am. I practically sleepwalk through the morning routine of finding my clothes, brushing my teeth, finding my car keys and driving to the beach.  It was back in February already that it stopped being light when I left for the beach. It literally happened overnight with no warning! This only makes it harder to get up and get motivated!  But I silently chant to myself “Gotta get up that mountain”  over and over again. 523 yawns later, I arrive at the beach. 

Now, it’s getting ever darker when I arrive at the beach and it’s only mid-March. Is winter seriously creeping in faster than any of us wish for? There are fewer people walking and jogging and sometimes, along with my two walking companions, we are the only people walking in the eerie yet beautiful darkness, lit only by street lamps.

View of Table Mountain across the bay as dawn breaks over the sleeping city!

But as we walk, dawn breaks and the waves crash rhythmically on the deserted beach, and we smile at the few strangers that are there to brave the early morning with us in that split-second when you glance into their face as you walk by and so we watch as the world begins to wake up.

It’s a beautiful time of morning and despite the hard start getting out of bed while the rest of the world sleeps, it is by far the most beautiful way to start my day!

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