To say I am excited is just ridiculously understated! I’ve already been off the charts, off the scale and somewhere up in the sky. I’m in need of some sort of new scale measurement here…

Last night we headed off to another Kilimanjaro presentation.  It’s the 2nd one we have been to and we are planning on going to as many as we can. Just call us “The Kili junkies”. This one was so different to the last one we attended but so many valuable tips were picked up and of course there goes my excitement level shooting right up there somewhere off the charts again!

We are still no closer to deciding which route we want to take. All we know is which route we are not taking! But the talking and deciding is all part of the fun.

Last night, I instantly fell in love with the idea of this tour’s operators lead mountain guide bringing you either tea, coffee or hot chocolate in your tent every single morning to wake you up. He even asks how many sugars and if you take milk! Mmmm this high, no air, cold mountain hike is looking even more appealing now. I can definitely work with that.

I sit here and my mind begins to wonder off…..

I can feel the excitement. I can hear the endless chatter of hikers. Laughing. Joking. I know the nerves are coming next. The air thins out. There’s a sudden sense of humour failure as you go higher. I feel myself curl up in my tent on a mountain ridge. I swear because it is so friggin cold. I witness people falling asleep while walking. My lungs gasp for air.  I manage to gasp out what I can only hope is a laugh, as people practically run down the mountain in absolute elation as I trudge up. One foot in front of the other. Pole, Pole. I marvel at the strength of my own body. I push myself to a new limit. I feel the excitement. It’s the last push. I watch the sun rise on top of the world’s highest freestanding mountain. I’m walking above the clouds. I’m standing on top. I’ve made it.

Kilimanjaro, every time I hear more about you, I fall more in love.

Does anyone actually get just how excited I am?

I want to pack my bags now. I want to leave. Right now.

Sometimes I can hardly believe I’m doing this.  Another dream unfolding before my very eyes. The talking, the scheming, the planning ~ It is all coming together slowly.

And all that’s left to do to stay calm, is to see the funny side of a ridiculous situation.


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