Finding Inspiration


I’d rather climb a mountain…

than crawl in a hole !
~ Unknown


Lacking energy and finding it hard to find inspiration today.  I have it in my mind that today I am going to reach my 200 lap goal (swimming). I made 170 last weekend and I so badly want to push to 200 today. Just thinking about it makes me tired but I know when I am finished, whether I make my 200 today or not, I will feel amazing despite the shaking legs and deep breaths, which can only be best described as panting!

I guess sometimes the challenges before us seem like mountains too great to overcome, at the foot of it we are faced with two choices:

Give up! Crawl in a hole & assume the fetal position, ignore, deny and give our power away – or… start “climbing” (swimming) one step (stroke) at a time – irrespective of how small – one breath at a time, moving forward is the key. At times like this, I think of Emma and recall what she would do on days she didn’t feel like dealing with CF. I smile knowing she just got up and faced her day as best she could. Always smiling, always pushing forward, one step at a time.

Sometimes the task seems too daunting, but as we “climb” we find our resolve strengthens, our body & mind adapt and before we know it we are half way there.  Somewhere, out of nowhere, the inspiration in all forms show up at the point most needed to assist us.

Eventually (before we are even aware of it) we’ve reached the “top”…

and there waiting for us is the most spectacular view and feeling of accomplishment.

We are being’s of power, it is all within our grasp,

Heading to the pool now….

C’mon just another step…


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