Sometimes We All Need A Mentor


“Getting to the top is optional,

getting down is mandatory”

~ Ed Viesturs, high altitude mountaineer


I came across this awesome article yesterday about Ed Viesturs, a high altitude mountaineer, who was the first to summit Everest without oxygen. *Gulp* yes, without oxygen! I can’t even begin to get my head around that. Now bear in mind that altitudes above 8,000 meters (26 000ft) is classed as the “death zone”, where no human body can acclimatize and he did it without oxygen! My biggest concern for Kilimanjaro is altitude sickness, which is caused from lack of oxygen and I’m not even climbing Everest! Wow, this guy has just become my new mentor!

 To read the article, click here:

How Mountaineer Ed Viesturs First Summited Everest Without Oxygen.

Reading articles like this just get my excitement levels up again.  Which reminders me, I am still looking for a new measurement of scale!

I love how in this article Ed goes on to explain how one day on the mountain he left earlier than the rest of the team and reached the summit alone with no one to take his picture.  So he did the next best thing, he took it himself. Auto-timers on camera’s are great things and it’s something Donna and I do all the time. That way no one in your group is ever left out, everyone who was there is in the pic! I know while the two of us make our way to the top of Kilimanjaro there are going to be plenty of auto-timer pics of the two of us. It’s what we do best!

This is a picture we took with auto-timer on our recent Otter Trail hike in February this year. We do it on every long hike, each morning we set up our camera’s and get ready to take a pic documenting what number day of the hike we are on.

This pic was taken on Day 5 and we were all in the pic. Gotta love auto-timers!

To give you some idea of the heights, I’ve added the Seven Summits, which are the highest mountains of each of the seven continents. We are doing the one in the smack-bang in the middle of the list!

Continent Mountain Country and/or location Height
Feet Meters
Asia Mt. Everest Tibet-Nepal



South America Mt. Aconcagua Argentina



North America Mt. McKinley (Denali) United States, Alaska



Africa Mt. Kilimanjaro Tanzania



Europe Elbrus Russia/Georgia



Antarctica Vinson Massif Ellsworth Mts.



Australia Kosciusko Australia



If he can do this on Everest, I can do it too! (Well, maybe not Everest, not yet anyway, but Kilimanjaro is a good place to start!)

Is it time to pack yet?

Splish Splash!

A new day + a blank canvas = endless possibilities.

I love ChooseDay’s! My all-time favourite, favourite day of the week!  You can choose anything you want. Create your day, the choice is yours.  The canvas lies blank, the paint brush in your hand…

Pick the wildest colours. Get dirty. Colour over the lines. Laugh. Play. Have fun. Every moment is a choice; do you choose to be miserable and grumpy? Or are you seeing the lighter side to life even in the difficult moments?

There is a gift in everything and when you stop and think about it, in the big scheme of things, are things really that bad?

I woke up breathing this morning; how wonderful! I know it’s going to be a fabulous day today!

Do what you love, and do it often.”

May you all have a magical ChooseDay!!

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