Just Another Day…

Today I literally did ALL of the above!  Ok, well in truth, all except for dating someone totally wrong for me!  To be honest, I just ran out of time and anyway the one I really want I just can’t have… Such is life!  After the day I had, the best part for me was on our way to hike up Lions Head after work, I told a total jerk who nearly caused several accidents one after another because he was using his phone while driving in the fast lane of the highway exactly what I though of him ~ All purely in sign language as we were driving (I was the passenger) and it was just so expressive.  It felt so good!  Talk about stress relief!

Who says you can’t do it all ~ After a hugely busy at work ~ I really got so much done ~ we  headed into town to climb Lions Head for some mid-week training.  Summer is back in Cape Town after our very wet and cold weekend and we had the most beautiful, hot afternoon to climb up, with a light breeze to cool us down around every other turn of the mountain. Then it was home to cook supper and I even managed two hours of studying (I’m currently doing my Honours in Psych) and now I even get to blog about my day! I think I can successfully say it’s been a very successful day!

Here are some pics from our hike up Lions Head this afternoon.

View of Twelve Apostles and Camps Bay Beach as we made our way up.


Signal Hill with Sea Point below and Robben Island off in the distance.


View of Table Mountain from Lions Head ~ I sure do live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!


We were already half way up the mountain while the city below was finishing up their working day.


Views of Sea Point and Robben Island.


Donna and I enjoying the view on top of Lions Head (The proof we really were there!)


Colours of the day dim as the sun begins to set over the city.


Colours of the day dim as the sun begins to set over the city, highlighting everything in its path.


The sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean.


A successful day, so much accomplished, another day closer to Kilimanjaro. Sleep will come easy tonight….

– All photo’s taken by me –

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