The Universe Has A Funny Sense of Humour!

The universe has a funny sense of humour, either that or it’s trying to tell me something!

Just yesterday I wrote in my blog post No Rules, Just Right (click link here if you haven’t read it yet) about how paranoid I was/am about my passport before I go on a trip and how just a few days ago I had a chat on the phone with my mom about my passport being “hidden” in my pillow case….

Now as I haven’t seen my parents all week I though I would stop there for a cup of tea on my way home from work today as I have a really busy weekend coming up and it’s unlikely that I will get to see them over the weekend.  While sipping on my tea, my parents start telling me about some event that took place just yesterday morning at one of their neighbours houses.  Just before 10am on Thursday morning about three armed response security company vehicles come screeching up to the house, closely followed by numerous police cars and the next thing they know the house is being sealed with that yellow police tape “Do Not Cross”.

Minutes before all the commotion of screeching cars and policemen crawling all over the place, my mom noticed a blue car driving past. Nothing too alarming about that. But in fact, six men, inside that blue car, armed with guns and knifes had minutes before pulled up at their neighbour, gained entry into the house and found two people inside, a mother and her son, the six men then tied them up in the bedroom and proceeded to ransack their house ~ taking everything they could load into their car before getting away.

The mother and son, thankfully unharmed, managed to free themselves and push the panic button, which brings us to the scene crawling with security guys and policemen.

It is safe to say that my passport, which was originally “hidden” in my pillow case and was then moved to the safe at my parents house, has now being removed out of the safe again and it has once again being “hidden” in a safe, secure, and undisclosed location where it will stay until I leave for my trip!  When I wrote that blog post yesterday my gut feeling was obviously trying to telling me something.

Thank goodness that mother and son are safe and please God protect my parent and their home always!

My passport is on the move ~ Now I just hope I remember the “secret” location I’ve “hidden” it in.

Just another sunny, beautiful day in the beautiful country I live. It’s a pity there are a few selfish people out there who spoil it sometimes.

And People Say I’m Paranoid…!

This Africa travelling is going to be a breeze….


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