Simple Beauty

There is certainly no absolute standard of beauty.

That precisely is what makes its pursuit so interesting.

~ John Kenneth Galbraith

Leaving work a little later than I usually do, once again I sat in slow-moving traffic but the beauty of sitting in traffic in winter is that the sun is already low and getting ready to set and as I drive home, I watch her sink lower towards the horizon, lighting up the sky above and the ocean below.

As I turned out of the traffic to head home, driving along the beachfront I couldn’t help but pull over and stop for just a little while to enjoy the beauty of what was unfolding before me.

The sky illuminating the sand and walkway with its pink glow.

A view of Table Mountain, one of the new Seven Natural Wonders of the World, across the bay.

The sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean tonight.

Someone else stopping to catch the beauty of the setting sun.

The world’s very own, Natural Wonder of Nature, Table Mountain.

“Pink sky night, shepherds’ delight. Pink sky morning, shepherds’ warning.” As I sat watching the sky change colour, as if Emma was painting it for me, I recalled that very first morning riding to school on our bikes that she recited this for me and now every time I see a pink sky I think of my best friend ~ I miss her so much.

The sun having sunk below the horizon, lighting up the sky left behind.

The sun faded but the beauty remains behind.

Sunsets are so incredibly beautiful that they almost seem as I were looking through the gates of heaven.  I wasn’t disappointed tonight and it was as if Emma painted the sky for me as I watched.

I truly do live in what really must be one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

~ All Photos By Me ~

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