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Wednesday rolled around yesterday and again Cape Town put on a splendid warmish winter afternoon, perfect for what has become our weekly training trip up Lions Head.  Not a breath of wind and with the winter sun warm on our skin, we made our way to the top.

As promised last week, I took my camera along so that I could get better quality pics especially once the sun starts fading and I kept true to my word ~ only problem was when I tried to turn it on I discovered that my batteries were flat and it wouldn’t even turn on! Nevermind, next time I will try again but with charged batteries!

As we walk every Wednesday up the same mountain due to the fact that the sun is setting by 6pm and we can’t do longer hikes during the week and I don’t want to bore you with the same scenery so I tried to find some different pics to take for you of our journey to the top to keep you entertained….

Winding our way around and around till we reach the top of Lions Head.

Far below, you can just make out the Eihatsu Maru, the Japanese fishing trawler that ran aground on Clifton’s 1st beach last weekend in heavy mist.


Almost at the top, the sun was getting ready to set.

Robben Island, which lies 12km’s off the Cape Town coast.

Donna taking in the view at the top as the sun begins to set over the Atlantic Ocean.

View of the harbour and West Coast as the light begins to fade.

Doing one of the things I love most, watching the sunset!

Such a beautiful sight ~ leaves me breathless every time!

The lights of the tug boat just on the outskirts of the bay illuminate the water as the light begins to fade.

The tug boat watching over the run aground Eihatsu Maru fishing trawler by night.

What a perfect day! I can’t help it but Cape Town I just love it when you show your pretty face!

Just 50 Days, 1 Hour and 2 minutes until our plane rolls down that runway….

~ All Photos By Me ~

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