Celebrating Life

  Emma J. Walker

24 July 1975 ~ 18 May 1998

It is never easy losing someone who means the world to you.  Today, as I do every day, I remember my best friend Emma and I celebrate her life.  Emma, as you know, is the inspiration behind this blog and my journey to summit Kilimanjaro.  I miss her as much as I did on the day I found out she had passed on but her memory dances alive in every breath that I breathe. I know that her spirit flies free and in the end, in the quiet depths of my heart, I can see her still in the rhythm of the waves upon the shore, in the sun setting over the horizon, in the crisp fall air that fills my chest, in the shimmering gleam of each butterfly, skimming the surface between heaven and earth.

“Perhaps they are not stars in the sky…

but openings for our loved ones to shine through to let us know they are at peace.”

~ Author: unknown

“Heaven got another angel the day
you left this world behind
Heaven got a little better the day
it took you away from me
I’m missing you today
I’ll see you again sometime
For now I’ll close my eyes
And dream of heaven tonight

The beaches aren’t as lovely
The sky isn’t quite as blue
Still they’re sweetened by the memory of you
The rain is a little bit colder
The fire is never quite as warm
Still it seems that heaven isn’t all that far

I’m spending a little more time now
With the things that mean a little bit more
I’m noticing the wonders of this world
I love with a little more hope now
I live with a little more peace
Cause I understand how precious life can be.”

I have so many wonderful memories of Emma, weekends away, a few days spent together at Sun City with her parents, a week spent in Joburg with Emma while she visited her parents, shopping, boys, bus rides, corny jokes, buses blowing over, writing letters in class when we should have been paying attention, playing games, singing, dancing, we did it all ~ our time shared together was filled to the brim and never dull! Emma, you are such a part of who I have become and I’ve always got the memories as I continue in finding out who I’m gonna be. We might be apart but I hope you always know, you will be with me wherever I go. You are my inspiration. You will always be my hero. You will always be my best friend, my guardian angel.

What I love about photographs is that they capture moments that are gone forever, impossible to reproduce, yet a memory saved forever to be looked at always ~ a treasure chest of gifts ~ captured in time.

We shared the best times ~ we laughed so much.

A soulmate in friends ~ I will never forget.

I love you and I will miss you everyday until we meet again.

Heaven was needing a HERO like you.

But thank God for you, for you will always be the wind beneath my wings.

To all those who have already made a donation to The South AFrican Cystic Fibrosis Trust ~ THANK YOU! Thank you for helping someone out there breathe a little easier.  If you are new to my blog and you would like to find out what this is all about please read my tab Method Behind My Madness and if you would like to make a donation please Click Here to go through to my BackABuddy fundraising page – All funds go to the SA Cystic Fibrosis Trust and each and every single donation is greatly appreciated.

To all my latest donors, I wish I could thank you all personally for your donations but may my prayers of thanks and gratitude to each and every one of you find its way to you and may you be richly blessed ten-fold.

A Huge Big Thank you to:

The Cottams

Mike Mossop

Benita Olivier



The Pepler’s

Lucille (Benjamin) Solomon

For all those brave warriors out there who bravely live with CF and for all those who have passed before us.

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