Pushing Forward

Yesterday, despite severe protesting from our minds and our bodies, Donna and I headed out for our usual mid-week hike. This past week has been bitterly cold in Cape Town and I think we both would have preferred to be home, warm and snug doing anything but climbing a mountain.

But yet again we slipped on our hiking boots, a top to keep us warm and out we headed. Thankfully, the icy cold wind that had been blowing seemed to have subsided and although there was a chill in the air, we both knew the climb up would soon warm us up.

Hiking Lions Head every Wednesday has made me look at it differently ever time I climb it so that I can post different photo’s in order that I do not bore you, my readers, to death! It is a challenge but we have fun looking out for something just slightly different to show you as we climb up.

The sign at the start of Lions Head hike with the mountain looming in the back behind the trees. We walk past this sign every week, yet I’ve hardly taken notice of it before.

Lions Heads looming large ~ especially large when climbing it is the last thing you feel like!

A view of Table Mountain from the side as we make our way up.

My old neighbourhood, Sea Point, lying at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean.

A huge uprooted tree lying in the shadow of the mountain.

It was a tough hike last night, and even though we both could have turned back at any given moment (and believe me the will to turn back was strong) we talked each other through it and we pushed forward and went all the way to the top. Donna and I will be good for each other on Kilimanjaro, we’ll be encouraging each other when the going gets tough and together we’ll put one foot forward as we inch our way towards summit ~ “pole, pole”! 

 Sometimes when you are feeling jaded you can revive your sense of wonder by merely saying to yourself: “Suppose this were the only time I have.”

Suppose this sunset, this moonrise, this symphony, this buttered toast, this sleeping child, this flag against the sky… suppose you would never experience these things again! ~ Author unknown

One way to the top!

The winter sun setting earlier, almost about to go under just as we go near the top.

At the top with the sun setting on the other side, Table Mountain was aglow with the colours of the sunset.

We got to the top just as the sun was about to go under and wake up the other side of the world!

 We didn’t stay on the top long, sitting just long enough to have some water and take a picture or two.  It was cold and I think we were both looking forward to getting home again. With sun already set, we headed back over the top and to the path that would lead us down, a quick turn around by Donna, a high-five and an excited shout of “Kilimanjaro” and we headed back down the climbing part of the mountain before it got too dark.

I wish I could say 23 days to go, but our flights have unexpectedly changed times and we suddenly find ourselves leaving 12 hours earlier than originally planned. So instead of my countdown clock reading 23 days to go it suddenly tells me it’s just 22 days to go…. I will not panic, YET!!!

 ~ All Photos By Me ~

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