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The energy spinning around me is electrifying!!!! I am so excited and so flippin busy that I don’t have time to panic! Today, I have been having a hectically busy day at work, my boss shouting out from his office every two minutes if I had done this yet or that. I’m good but after four years he doesn’t yet understand I can’t do all 53 things all at once!  Between all of that I have one or two last orders to place for things we are going to hire in Tanzania for our trip (our minus temperature sleeping bags for instance) and one or two payments, a quick Skype chat with exciting news too that needed immediate replying to and a bunch of emails that are days old that were begging for my attention and with numerous work emails flying in my inbox at a speed faster than light! But some how it is all coming together.

However, I really do need to slow down because all this co-ordinating my very busy last few days in Cape Town before I leave and responding to work mails I am getting nervous I am going to sign off a work mail with ‘love you’!

Yip it’s been one of those days so far, which started this morning with me pouring my cereal into my mug that was standing on the counter with sugar and a tea bag inside it already waiting for the kettle to boil. Not a good combination or start to the day some would say!!

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Despite the insaneness of busyness around me, I’m dancing around in happy, giddy circles ~ I can’t do this on the mountain too much as there is not a lot of air to breathe so I might as well do it now!!!

Only 8 more days to go!!!!!

It’s all getting so real now!!!!

Last night we had our last mid-week hike up Lions Head. A beautiful, fresh, clear evening to walk up although as we headed out I had that feeling of “I’m so sick of climbing Lions Head!” yet again. We had extra company last night, Donna’s cousin Tyrone, came to join us and the three of us chatted the whole way to the top, stopping occasionally to take some photo’s, me of course hunting out different scenes to snap for you!

This is how Lions Head starts, a steep gravel road for the first bit. When I first started climbing Lions Head I used to pant my way to the top of this section – now at least I can talk and walk and still breathe!

After a few wet days in Cape Town, the path was puddled with water.

Donna, always game, having some fun on the way up!

One of the two ladders we have to go up as we make our way to the top.

Almost at the top ~ Yes, we go all the way up there!

So worth the climb to the top ~ Another beautiful sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.

Sunset ~ Something that never bores me no matter how many I watch.

Dons and I right on top of Lions Head ~ Just a pity the pic came out a bit blurry!

Something I thought I had shared with you all already but realized I hadn’t yet and I really want to because it is just so powerful! After our hike on Sunday, we headed to Paul’s house to pick up a duffel bag that he is lending me and while there we had tea and chats with some friends of his that did Kilimanjaro two years ago and before the day was out we were all sitting there on a couch, huddled together watching a video Paul had of his first trip up Kilimanjaro!  When they say Pole Pole (Swahili meaning slowly slowly) they really mean it. I sat there enthralled  as we watched them on summit night, literally walking toe, heel, toe, heel. They were shuffling along, not because it was expected of them but because it was all their bodies could manage.  Watching as most of the group reached what is called Gillman Point they looked down at the few that were really struggling in their team. It was almost heartbreaking to watch people who could not take another step but at the same time it was heartwarming to watch about 4 porters to one person struggling, one porter rubbing the climbers back as they leaned over their trekking poles trying to catch their breath or waiting for the nauseousness to pass. Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched this unfold. Then the climber would straighten up and a porter would stand directly behind the person, put his hands on the climbers waist and with the other porters supporting the climbers arms, they walked the person heel toe, heel toe up the summit. I think it was the hardest thing I have ever watched, yet the most beautiful thing to see, watching human endurance take over, a willingness to fight a bit harder and to really dig deep and push to get a bit higher and to watch these porter angels support someone’s dream to make it to the top.

The tears well up again as I type this remembering the raw emotion of what I watched ~ WoW! The human spirit is a beautiful, beautiful thing!

 8 days to go before we fly out and I myself will be walking that very same mountain!

I can’t wait!!!!

And of course lastly, but most certainly not least….

A very big thank you to my small army of supports ~ For the messages, for the sharing of my fundraising goals on facebook and for giving so much of yourself in honour of what I am trying to do ~ Thank you!

A very big thank you to my latest donors, Ian & Silke Kirkland and AS. Your donations help someone with Cystic Fibrosis, who has to work harder to have what comes easy to you and me, and your donations bring us another step closer to finding  a cure ~ My heartfelt gratitude just doesn’t know words to say thank you enough!

I am just R5640.07 away from reaching my fundraising goal for those living with Cystic Fibrosis.

If you would like to make a donation please click HERE.

All amounts are greatly appreciated and donations can be made safely & securely from any country in the world.

~ All photos by me unless otherwise stated ~

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  1. 5th Grade Teacher
    Jul 04, 2012 @ 07:40:31

    You’re so ready! Have a ball in Tanzania!


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