Generosity Multiplied

My small army of supporters continues to grow and grow and grow…..

Tonight at my company’s head office it is month-end drinks. Something we do every month but tonight is going to be a little different. A few weeks ago we all received an email from Clive, our IT & bar manager, which read as follows:

“It’s time to party, and we are going to do it in style.

To celebrate the end of an amazing fiscal and a couple of extremely important events we are going to have a little bit of a party which will also include some fund raising.

What are the other events? Well, firstly, Andrew Cronje has been selected to represent South Africa in the Hockey at the Olympics – well done mate & last but not least, Lara Hinrichsen will be taking time off work to climb Kilimanjaro. Phew, I’m tired just thinking about that.

More importantly, Lara is not doing this just for herself, her good friend Emma passed away some time back after battling with Cystic Fibrosis and if I have my facts right, Lara hopes to raise R1 for every metre that she climbs. I believe that we can go some way to assisting Lara in her monumental task and I’m sure we can all dig into our pockets and pay R5 towards our first drinks at the bar.

TasteFM will also be providing some music via Sam the DJ and they will be hosting a pop quiz with some prizes to give away as well.

So come on down, join us in the bar & let’s give both Andrew & Lara our full Spur Family support. 






I thought that was pretty awesome!

News from my friends on reception on the ground floor (I’m on the 2nd floor) has reported that the music is pumping from sound tests and things are hotting up! Posters have been put up in the lift, in the toilets, in the kitchen and in the corridors reminding everyone of tonight.  Our in-house radio station Taste FM is going to be spinning the tunes and they are doing raffles and quiz games with prizes tonight to get everyone involved.

 I stand in absolute gratitude and awe of the amazing people I work with, they really are “People with a taste for life” and I am hugely grateful for their support!

The bar will “officially” open in a few minutes, a driver for my car has been arranged and after what has been yet another crazy day at work and I’m off to go and have a bit of a party and let my hair down, which I haven’t done since I started all this mountain-climbing-training!

  ~ 7 Days to Go ~

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. margii73
    Jun 29, 2012 @ 19:04:22

    Awe lar u deserve all the support have an awesome night tonight – luvs ya stax 😃


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