Happy ChooseDay!

Now age 10, when Brittany was only 5 years old she ran in front of a bus to save the life of her friend. Badly injured herself, these are Brittany’s recollections as to ‘why’ she did such a heroic act.

After the bus accident I was in the emergency room, and my dad asked “What would make a girl be so brave?” Then suddenly my eyes opened, I took ahold of my daddy’s hand and said to him, “You always said we were supposed to love everyone, and that’s what I was doing, daddy – I was just loving her!”

All the nurses started crying after they heard that. My daddy hugged me and went into a bathroom across the hall. Later I learned that he went in there and cried too.

By loving everyone we open up the doors to what’s really possible in this life. Otherwise we are too closed off to each other and miss out on experiencing the wholeness of life, and the tremendous opportunities that are possible.

Live Life In The Front Row! ~ Jon Vroman

May your ChooseDay be a beautiful, love-filled & happy one!

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