I Don’t Need Easy, I Just Need Possible

It really is the final countdown now.  It’s almost 1am and I have to get up at 3:45am. Best I type this blog post quickly! I can hardly believe that after almost 3 years of talking about this and months of planning it is finally, finally all happening and in less than  5 hours our plane will run down the runway and we will be heading for Tanzania, where Kilimanjaro awaits.

Just typing that gives me goosebumps!

I have had an incredibly busy, but super-amazing week so far. My brother, his wife and my two very precious and beautiful baby girl nieces (my munchkins as I fondly call them) arrived home on Tuesday evening. They have been living in Mauritius for the past few years and finally they are back home for good this time. No more long goodbyes!! My heart is very happy.

Tonight we had a family dinner and we were all back together again, my bestie and my godson came to join us too. I had such a stunning evening and it’s so good to have the girls’ laughter back in the house.

On Sunday past, my bestie and I took a last hike out along the pipe track. It was a beautiful winter days and it was just plain awesome to spend one on one time with my bestie, catching up and talking about everything and anything before I leave for my trip. Special moments. I wish I could put up some pics for you but I am seriously just out of time, so here’s one that we asked some guy who was walking past us to take when we got back to the car after spending a good few hours on the mountain.

Me and Natalie after a hike out on the Pipe Track ~ my last hike before Kili.

Last night, a few of us met up with David, our beautiful friend who just summited Kilimanjaro last week Friday with his three daughters.  He’s back in South Africa and we wanted to hear all about his trip so we all met for an early dinner. It was amazing to see him. Yesterday morning when I chatted to David on the phone, after all the congratulations had been said and all the excited chit-chatter was out of the way, our conversation turned serious. It went like this:

Lara: Was it hard?

David: (Laughs then sighs) It was difficult!

Lara: Was it worth it?

David: Of course!

I smiled to myself as he replied for I know I don’t need easy, I just need possible!

I’m ready to do this!

This morning while I drove to work, for the last time, I took Table Mountain as I do every clear morning that the mountain is on show and I start putting “her” on top of herself, one times, two times, three times…. I never seem to get to put Table Mountain on top of “herself” more than that. Three Table Mountains on top of each other is high and I laugh and shake my head as I drive, I’m going to be climbing Table Mountain almost 6 x it’s height.  I think that’s enough to break anyone into a sweat! Lol.

I packed last night.  Most of my mountain gear in my back pack I’m taking on the plane as hand luggage, the rest in my duffel bag. Each day on the mountain divided into zip-lock bags for easy finding when it’s cold and altitude is playing tricks on my mind! Now lets just hope I remember if it’s Day Two or Day Five!

I know this is a long post with no pics to keep you entertained, but bear with me I am almost done!

To my small army of remarkable people ~ Thank you!

To my parents, who read my blog eagerly and check in for new posts whenever they log on to their computer.  For your support and excitement in telling everyone you could what your daughter was doing, I hope I can make you proud!

To Emma’s parents, Janice and David Walker and Emma’s sister, Tracy Street, for your support in this venture, your kind words and encouragement, thank you. I will never forget.

Natalie, my best friend since 1994, your encouragement and support has known no bounds ~ your excitement for what I am doing gets me excited for what I’m doing, thank you.

To Marlize, my beautiful friend, like the angel that you always are, for thinking of both Donna and myself and the beautiful beanies you bought to keep us warm on the mountain. We will carry you with us as we climb higher and your beanies will keep us snug and warm, thank you.

To Jessica, for unfailingly following my blog despite the hecticness of your life, for commenting and offering your wonderful sage advice that always got me laughing. For the constant visits to my desk at work to check up how my training was going and for your amazing excitement for what I am doing, thank you.

To Margi, my beautiful best friend who lives far too far away at present, for your encouragement as I was about to launch this blog and your kind words, for your messages of support from afar and for things that the post man deliver to me on a cold winters day in Cape Town offering your wishes of good luck, thank you.

To Lucille, for always sharing my fundraising page and helping me spread more awareness about CF, thank you.

To Clive Arnsten and Taste FM, my fellow colleagues at work, thank you for your excitement and enthusiasm for what I am doing and for taking the time to help me raise more awareness. I think I can speak of behalf of all those who came that night, we had a fantastic time, a night filled with so much laughter, thank you.

To my support crew, some known and some unknown, for taking the time to visit my fundraising page and for helping me raise an amazing amount of money in support of all of those living with Cystic Fibrosis, there really are no words to truly express what I feel and how grateful I am for the opening of your hearts and your wallets, thank you.

To all my blog followers, for liking my posts, for your comments and for just logging on my page and reading my latest news. My blog would not be a success with you, thank you!

To each and every single person, I can’t name you all cause then I would really be here all night, thank you for taking the time to share, to donate, to read, to encourage ~ none of it has gone unnoticed, thank you!

Last and certainly not least, to the best friend I ever had, Emma Walker, you no longer walk this earth in a physical form, yet I feel you with me in all the big moments of my life, you visit my dreams and at the oddest times we still share conversations (*wink, wink*) ~ You inspire me still today and I miss you very much. I love you my friend. For the inspiration that your life was to me and for your friendship, thank you.

And thank you for all the wonderful messages and emails that have been coming in this past week, messages of well wishes and support ~ you guys seriously rock my world.

Almost done…..

I saved the best for last!

Have you heard yet?

We did it!!!!

A whopping R19 641.00 raised so far ~ my target reached and spilling over ~ the donations continue to roll in!

When I say I have no words, I really mean I have no words. No words in the English language truly convey what I want to say so please accept an explosion of my heart, which is full of gratitude.

Thank you so very much to my latest donors who have generously donated money to my charity, The South African Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Thank you for helping me make a difference in lives of someone living with CF.


Spur Group (Pty) Ltd ~ (The company I work for, for always supporting my fundraising efforts)

Robyn Brice

Spur Staff ~ (Some of my fellow colleagues, thanks for a great Friday night. You know who you are!)

Patrick Naidoo

Anne Nessworthy

Ursula and Johan van Huyssteen

Charlies Angels Dinner Club (Love you guys so much!)

Mark McTaggart

Lorraine and Jannie Groenewald

Jim and Lameez

Jacqui Armstrong

Eugene Skoberla

Donna Carol (my companian for Kilimanjaro!)


Without any of you and all the others who have already donated, I would never have gotten this far.

Thank you!!!

I haven’t climbed this mountain yet, so please keep the donations coming!

It’s almost 1:30am now, I’m tired and I really should get to bed before my alarm starts sounding.

In a few hours my journey begins…

The next time you will hear from me, will be from Tanzania!

Here we go!

~ Photo compliments of Natalie Reynolds ~

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. C B furlonger
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 17:45:13

    All the very best Lara. We are all rooting for you at the CMJAH. You have reached your target and I do know you will reach the top!! C B Furlonger and her team in 496


    • Walking 4 Air
      Aug 06, 2012 @ 15:45:36

      Hi Carol, it’s still sinking in that we did it! Your support and encouragement has been amazing and my heart just overflows with gratitude! Going to be doing a blog post for each day on the mountain, hope you enjoy the tales from the slopes that are to follow! I hope you and your team are all well!!


  2. Natalie
    Jul 08, 2012 @ 09:12:39

    KILI TREK UPDATE FROM Lara Hinrichsen : “Our bags are weighed, we are dressed the part and we are heading to the mountain. We saw the mountain for the 1st time yesterday ~ wow she is beautiful! Snow capped and positively HUGE!! So much bigger than in the pics and literally half way to the sky! Feeling a little nervous but still hugely excited. Can’t wait to get walking! This is Day 1!!”


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