Happy ChooseDay!

Having an amazing time traveling through Africa, I have so many stories to tell when I am back home! We arrived in Zanzibar yesterday ~ finally we have swapped hiking boots and dust for beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise waters and I couldn’t resist a quick reminder to say, spend your day having frequent attacks of joy, unexplained smiling and random bursts of laughter.

Happy ChooseDay everyone!

May your ChooseDay be filled with magical moments all day long!

Celebrating A Beautiful Life

Today, Emma would have turned 37 and as I do every year on her birthday, I celebrate the wonderful life that was hers. 

Today I celebrate conquering Kilimanjaro and reaching her majestic summit in memory of my beautiful friend.  I celebrate your life not only today but each day I live.

Our true soul mates are people whose lessons stick around long after they have left our lives ~ I have been given an amazing dose of loving food for the soul.

Happy Birthday my beautiful friend, for everything you gave me ~ I will never forget!


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