Sunshine After The Rain

After a true Cape Storm lashed Cape Town this past weekend with howling wind, icy cold conditions and pouring rain, yes even causing a huge big pine tree in the back yard to come crashing down to its end, luckily missing the house and not causing any damage other than a gaping hole in the garden… I awoke to a beautiful, blue sky kind of day with not a breath of wind!

Driving to work this morning through the beautiful Durbanville Hills, singing along to my music, I rounded another bend and there before me lay a perfect, clear and magnificently beautiful Table Mountain in all her glory.

For the first time since I have returned from my epic journey to the summit of Kilimanjaro, a smile broke out on my face as I began the ritual I had come to do every clear day before I left for my trip up the mountain.

I began to take Table Mountain, standing at 1085m, and like building blocks, I once again began putting her on top of herself.

One time. 

Two times. 

Three times.

My smile grew bigger.

For the first time when I reached three times, that feeling of slight panic didn’t begin to rise in the pit of my belly.

A sense of excitement grew.

I knew if I wasn’t driving I would be jumping up and down like an excited kid.

I took Table Mountain again and put her on top of herself for the fourth time.

My grin grew exponentially.

It must have looked so ridiculous by now.

Five times.


Five and a half times.

Wow, that’s half way up the sky!

Reality is finally sinking it.

I did it.

I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

I summited the world’s highest free-standing mountain.


I can’t help but smile!


*And how appropriate to have done this today. I was reminded this afternoon by Donna, my kili companion, that today marks the one month anniversary of when we summited Kilimanjaro together!*

*Kilimanjaro journey blog posts will start hopefully by mid-week ~ it has taken me a bit longer than I thought to actually sit down and do them ~ beautiful life has kept me a bit distracted lately with unexpected beautiful happenings!*


~All Photos By Me ~

~ They were taken on the 31st August 2008 during one of the most spectacular Cape Storms I have ever seen ~


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  1. ifyounevertri
    Aug 13, 2012 @ 17:38:25

    Wow, those waves!


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