Happy ChooseDay!

“Take the knife

that would slice your heart open

and use it to sever

what no longer

serves your destiny.

Don’t let the wall of your security

crush you

as it falls apart.

Dismantle it, consciously,

stone by stone

and be amazed

at what it kept you from seeing.

Open your arms to the storm

and invite the lightning

to ignite your soul

and burn away the rotten remnants

of the false self you’ve been wearing.

Let the waves of emotion

knock you from your feet

and shatter the oxygen tank

on your back

that always left you


when you would run out of air.

Grab the knife.

Destroy the wall.

Embrace the storm.

Dive into the water.

Stop struggling.

You will not drown.

You will not


You will only learn

a new way

to breathe.”

~Unravelling by Kimberly V. Schneider

Stay with it.


Welcome it all.

There is no rush. 

There is only now.

Choose your Day.

You get to decide it all.

May your day be filled with the choice of the possibility of all things new…!

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