So men just don’t belong in the kitchen!

I seemed to have survived this dreaded bug that has zapped my entire family and extended family.  A week of studying stats like crazy, cooking dinners for two sick parents and trying to keep myself from falling ill ~ it has been a busy week, my brother has stayed far away and I seem to have survived both the exam (just) and the germs.

While I was on study leave I popped in to check on my parents. My dad on his way to recovering, while my mom was in the deep grips of this bug, which included a high fever. On the morning of my exam I arrived in the kitchen to find my father cooking breakfast in a kitchen that looked like a bomb had hit it! Every possible utensil he could use was out on the kitchen counter, there were pots and pans and plates and cups and bowls scattered everywhere.  Standing there looking around I noticed every single kitchen cupboard door was standing open and the fridge door too. It was safe to declare this area a disaster area. Because this is what happens when you let men in the kitchen.  Chaos. Experimentation. Mayhem.

I stood back and watched him work his ‘magic’.  Breakfast eventually cooked, because he really does muck around instead of getting on with it, I tucked into cleaning up the kitchen while peace reined and they ate their breakfast in the room. I learned later from my mom that my dad has almost killed her with salt on her scrambled eggs the other morning. My dad’s answer to that was that he noticed he put a bit too much salt in and when asked why he didn’t throw it away and make a new batch, he just shrugged his shoulders and said why?! I think it’s a case of scrambled egos instead of scrambled eggs!

As much as I love the thought of a man in the kitchen cooking, some men should seriously just be banned from the kitchen altogether, including my father. Yesterday after work I decided to go and cook them some supper, if only to save my mom from my dad’s cooking!  My mom’s fever had finally broken and slowly but surely her appetite has been coming back ~ this is a good sign! My parents, especially my dad considering he is getting better, have been spoilt this week ~ both with breakfasts and dinners in bed.

Last night I found myself cooking up a storm for them and it even had me standing over a pan cooking mushrooms.  I am not a fan of mushrooms. In fact, I can’t stand them, let alone the smell of them.  But there I found myself standing over a pan waiting for the smell of the mushrooms to hit me.  Not something I enjoy at all!

My dad may certainly not be on his way to cook of the year and I will now do my best to keep him out of the kitchen but after this week, I myself may just be on the way to daughter of the year award!

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  1. Natalie
    Oct 22, 2012 @ 13:53:58

    LOL – I can just picture it!!!


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