‘Over exposed’ hiking adventures from Hout Bay to Llandudno.

Yesterday, on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning we got a little bit more than we bargained for on part of the Karbonkelberg hike, a hike from Hout Bay to Llandudno.  What followed was a morning full of impromptu decisions, raucous laughter (with some cheering thrown in for good measure) and discovering things we really had no need to discover ~ adventures galore, this was a hike we will remember for years to come!

Five of us set out in the early morning for what promised to be a beautiful hike along unspoilt, rugged coastline.  We headed off from a point that I didn’t at first realise was already pretty close to Llandudno, but never mind had we not taken this route we would have missed out on the entertainment we had along the way!

The start of our Sunday morning hike.

A perfectly gorgeous sunny morning for a hike along the coast.

Walking down towards the coast with a cool breeze coming off the ocean, we made our way down on a soft sand path and over some sand dunes that would eventually join up with the contour path hugging the coast line as we made our way towards Llandudno.   With just the summer sounds of crickets in the bush and the crashing of the waves it was a beautifully peaceful way to start the day.

There is nothing more peaceful than the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline.

It wasn’t before long before houses started appearing on the slopes of the mountain….

We chatted as we walked, enjoying the early morning sunshine, stopping every now and again to take some photos of the beauty that lay before us.  It wasn’t before long houses along the slopes of the mountain began appearing and I pushed this aside thinking after the next corner they will disappear again and we’ll have the rugged, unspoilt coastline I knew was on this hike.  We followed the path up a hill and as we began walking down some movement on the rocks up ahead caught our eye.  Now I am not sure who exactly spotted it first, but there was a collective silence that filled the air until someone spoke the first words as to what our view was suddenly filled with.

There in the near distance right next to the path we were travelling on, on some large flat rocks was a naked man, um, how would it be best to say it, doing his thing.  Mounted in position, we could not see the object of his desire, however it was plain (and in plain sight) what was going on.  We stood there not quite sure what to do as our path would literally take us right past them.  We stood there looking from the sea to the couple, to each other, back to the sea ~ laughter spilling from our lips as we tried to decide how best to proceed.  The boys decided some cheering and clapping would be in order, much to our horror but this in turn brought our presence to the awareness of the couple and “the object of the man’s desire” even rose from the current position to have a peek.  At this point, from our vantage point, we were getting more than a peek!  They didn’t seem too perturbed by our near-by presence, either that or they didn’t really care as the man continued for a while longer before the boys again started clapping and cheering some more, this time much louder, which thankfully seemed to bring the show to an end just as two other hikers were coming along the path in the opposite direction right where the couple were putting on their show for the world to see!

We continued along the path having a good chuckle at our early morning find! As we passed the couple along the path the women looked horribly awkward looking every other way while the man just lay on his back, sunning his naked body with a t-shirt draped casually over necessities!  I waited for the boys to cheer as we passed but they remained tight-lipped and silent!

Although this really did happen, there are no photos to document it, sorry guys!

We continued along the path, suddenly houses lining the way and walking under a pathway of trees shading us from the sun before coming out into an open section that announced the start of the trail from the Llandudno side! So we had hiked the end part of the trail and got way more than we bargained for!

A shaded pathway, a short respite from the sun.

Taking a break in the coolness of the trees.

The start of the trail from the Llandudno side.

The map showing where we were ~ the start of the trail from the Llandudno side.

We decided to head back along the trail and continue past where we had started making our way back towards Hout Bay Sentinel.  Heading back the couple had moved on and we were once again left with unspoilt views of the ocean crashing against the rocky shoreline.

This, however, was not to be the end of our adventures.

Beautiful, unspoilt views of the coastline.

The flowers were out, the sky was blue…

Flat paths and sand dunes to climb ~ this hike really had it all and more was to come!

On our way back we made our way past the outskirts of Sandy Bay beach in order to head up towards the higher contour path that would take us further along the coastline.  On our way we passed some surfers just as we rounded the side of Sandy Bay. Then just as we were about to start heading up, one of the dogs with us decided to go and investigate.  For those who don’t know, Sandy Bay is a nudist beach (unofficially) and as far as I know the only one in South Africa where it is acceptable to tan and bathe completely naked and it has been around ever since I can remember. It is a pretty inaccessible beach, which no doubt makes it perfect to whip off all your clothes and just hang out! Excuse the pun but after my day yesterday I really can’t help myself – keep reading you’ll see why!

While the others had stopped to wait for the adventuring dog, Nicole and I waited slightly higher up and just around the corner while the other three called out to the dog.  While we waited we had a view of Sandy Bay below, a few people were already on the beach, although all clothed, but one man in particular seemed to enjoy the fact that he had some people to parade around in front of.  He was walking along the beach and was nearing the end of the beach where we were standing and as he was nude and we really had no interest in checking him out so we turned our backs towards the beach and just waited for the others. This man had other ideas though. He started making his way up to the hiking path we were standing on. Taking one look at Nicole’s face had me bursting out in laughter and all I could do was turn my back completely on this approaching naked man and Nicole! Luckily he stopped and found a rock or a tree (I really didn’t turn around long enough to notice what it was) and he sat there posing with one leg up looking back out over the beach. Luckily, we only had a side view! At this point we wished the others would just hurry up so we could get on our way again but little did they know what was unfolding on our side of the corner!

Just then the man got up and turned to head even further up the hiking path to where we were standing. The pure panic on Nicole’s face had me violently shaking with silent laughter and again there was nothing I could do but turn my back and face the mountain, hand over my mouth, laughing as silently as I could! I silently begged whoever was listening that this man would take the lower path and not come higher up the path we were on. I couldn’t bear the thought of having to look up at him as he walked past me saying “good morning”! Turning slightly to the side I caught a glimpse of Nicole, who was trying hard to laugh silently too although with not much success and not quite sure what to do with herself. This just set me off again. Thankfully out of the corner of my eye I saw that the naked man was heading out on the lower path and not coming up the path past Nicole and I. But this again brought about a whole new spell of fits of laughter for on the other path where the naked man was heading was Claire, Arnold, Michael and the two dogs!

What I would give to see their faces as they came face to face with this naked wandering man!  Nicole was thinking the same thing and literally skied down the sandy path to perch herself on a rock lower down so that she could catch a glimpse of their faces as our fellow hikers headed towards us.  Nicole perched ready to watch the inevitable meeting on the path had me double over in fits of laughter.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against nudity and in fact am quite comfortable with it. But when you throw in nudists venturing off their allocated “nude” beach and out onto hiking trails in nothing more than their birthday suit, surprised faces of your fellow hikers and seeing everyone not quite knowing where to look you can’t help but laugh at the craziness of it all.

As Nicole landed on the rock and faced the path the man had walked down she was ready to take in the unexpected looks of surprise on the faces of our fellow hikers but the naked wandering man must have seen the others coming and turned around just in time to catch Nicole firmly in place leaning over to watch the show.  To Nicole’s absolute horror she wasn’t greeted with the faces of our friends but the naked man himself! The next thing I know is the “missing” dog came flying past on the path below us and ran straight down onto Sandy Bay beach and Nicole with a look of absolute panic on her face,  frantically turned around on the rock and pointing to the dog saying “what’s that dog’s name?”  Between fits of laughter I told her the dog ran past too fast and she needs to look at the colour of the collar on the dog’s neck – pink for Carla and blue for Kenya. Suddenly I saw the naked man and realised what Nicole’s hysteria was about. The man was heading back, closely followed by Claire, Arnold and Michael!

This just finished me off completely as Claire came round the corner and the look on her face of trying to suppress the laughter as she walked behind the naked man was just too funny for words. The boys behind her looked horrified, which in turn just made me and Nicole laugh even more!

Pulling ourselves together we moved on quickly, continuing to head up the mountain and as far away from naked exhibitionist men as we could!

Gorgeous views from the upper contour path as we made our way along the coastline.

Views of the shipwrecked Boss 400 ~ crashed into the rocks in June 1994.

The rest of the hike was pretty uneventful in terms of how our morning had already unfolded and thankfully we finally got to view the rugged, “unspoilt” coast line as we headed past where we had started from in the opposite direction.  The walking was easy and flat, apart from the sand dune that we had to make our way up to get to the contour path on the other side.  The sun was hot and the company was excellent ~ After walking for about an hour we eventually hit the end of the flat trail before it headed steeply down to the coast below and where the hike turned into scrambling over rocks and past old shipwrecks.  In the distance we could see the shipwreck of the Boss 400, which ran aground in 1994.

Views of the shipwrecked Boss 400 which ran aground in June 1994.

Some searching on the internet revealed this article about the shipwreck.  The Boss 400 is a wreck near Oudeschip which came aground in June 1994. It was a French barge being towed by a Russian tug boat from the Congo to Cape Town. The ropes broke loose during a storm and the barge was blown against the rocks in Maori Bay where she has been lying ever since. All the crew members aboard were airlifted to safety.

At the time, the Boss 400 was one of the most powerful crane barges in the world capable of listing 1200 tons and valued at over 70 million US$.  Due to the immense value of the vessel, salvage teams were dispatched but the back of the vessel was too badly broken and the salvage attempt was abandoned.

Overlooking the ocean and the shipwreck, we stopped here for lunch in a shaded spot before heading back to the cars.

Overlooking the rocky shoreline and ocean below, we stopped for lunch in the welcome shade of the trees.

The view of the coastline as we headed back to where our cars were parked.

Sandy Bay “nudist” beach below.

A self-timer pic of our group on the last sand dune before we reached the cars.

Our day was not over yet, Nicole, Michael and I, along with Nicole’s friend Francois, headed to the park to watch a South African singer, Mark Haze perform live. We spread out our picnic blanket, feasted on foods, hoped to snooze a bit before the music started but the chatter was too good to stop!

Hiking boots off, it was time to relax to some good rock music!

Our hiking boots were off and we were belly-up in the park ~ the view from down below on the blanket!

Champagne and live music in the park ~ what more could two girls want! Oh yes, men to pour it. Check!

I love this city I live in.

I am loving every single bit of summer so far and it has only just begun!

Tomorrow I am heading off for dinner with David and Janice, Emma’s parents ~ the girl and my best friend behind the creation of this blog and my inspiration while climbing Kilimanjaro.  Her parents are in South Africa, on holiday from the UK and due to them living overseas it’s been a few years now since I last saw them although we have contact via email. I’m so grateful that I am still in touch with Emma’s family and that I get opportunities like this to meet up with them every now and again. I can’t wait to tell them about my kili trip and to just catch up on life since the last time we met up.

Life is good.

Summer is here.

And I’m having the time of my life!

~ All Photos By Me ~

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  1. Natalie
    Nov 20, 2012 @ 09:56:44

    The tears are running down my face from laughter!!!! Oh goodness this is hysterically funny!


  2. Christian Rene Friborg
    Nov 29, 2012 @ 08:58:11

    What a beautiful place indeed. Looks like a paradise for me!


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