And the Gargie Award goes to…


This morning I was like a kid in a candy store on the eve of Christmas!

I was going to say “And the Oscar goes to…” but then with all the media hype currently flying around South Africa and the world, I thought that would probably not be a very clever idea as anyone who googles “OP” (I won’t even dare write the name out in full) as it will be linked to my blog for all the wrong reasons! Anyway, who needs an Oscar when you can have a Gargie!

Now can you imagine my surprise waking up this morning to find a little note from the truly inspiring Claire Cappetta nominating me for the Gargie Award?!!

I know, I was just as surprised!

Now to be honest, I have heard very little about this prestigious award but I am so hugely delighted to add my very first blog award to my blogging accomplishments.

Cartwheels, back-flips and excited screaming ensue…

Claire’s blog is such a wonderful, inspiring space that speaks of her journey through relationships, domestic abuse and standing in your power.  She inspires, uplifts and encourages and has just recently published her first book, A Broken Ring.  What an honour to be nominated by such an inspiring lady!

As with most blog awards, there are rules to follow upon acceptance. The rules are:

1. Display the award badge prominently  on your site….if you want…and link back to the person who nominated you…for courtesy’s sake.  ~ Done and Done! Do check out the link above to Claire’s page, she is truly inspiring! And in case you missed it here’s the link again CLICK ME

2. Publish a post to inform the world of your great achievement…..unless you can’t be bothered.
~ Done, can you feel my excitement?! :)

3.  Nominate some fellow bloggers (who have been outstanding in their field…figuratively or literally) and tell us the particular way in which they have excelled…if you feel inclined. ~ Absolutely the best part, sharing the love!

4. Indicate to your nominees that they have received the award…provided you have completed step three. ~ See my nominees below!

I am delighted to nominate the Gargie Award to the following blogger who inspire & thrill me with their words and pictures:

Bucket List Publications ~ Lesley Carter the woman behind this blog is living her life to the fullest. Adventurer, wife and recently a first time mom to a beautiful little girl. Her blog inspires me to get moving on my bucket list. She shows me the world and all the incredible things that are out there. This blog will never bore you!

Just So You Know ~ Trina is a real, everyday women walking through life, sharing her adventure that is life and everything that comes along for the ride. Lessons learnt, photo’s to prove it. A glorious read, always!

Another Day in Paradise ~ Stopping just long enough to write a blog, Another Day in Paradise shares the beautiful places she visits and lights up my computer screen, never knowing where she will turn up next. She makes me feel like I’m on permanent holiday and yes, sometimes she makes me a little jealous too!

The Better Man Project ~ Evan Sanders journey’s through life one day at a time focusing on becoming a better man. His writing is honest and sometimes raw and totally inspiring. He said it himself, “The world needs better men. This blog is simply about my journey to become a better man and the things I run into along the way.”

Back2blueprintsrunningform ~ Michael J Morris reminds me of what I want more than anything in this world. To find a cure for CF. I recently “met” him and this man’s determination and courage inspires me endlessly. He started his blog in January 2013 and a few days ago finishing running over 500 miles from Rosenberg, Texas to New Orleans in memory of his dear friend Debbie Lynne Cheramie. His run was to raise awareness and much-needed funds to find a cure for Cystics Fibrosis. Although he hasn’t written in his blog recently due to his running, I am sure he will be back to updating it again soon after his return home.  This is what you call giving!

There you have my selection of 5 fantastic bloggers who brighten up my days reading about their journeys through life.

Go forth and spread the love.

I just did!

And don’t forget to look for the magic all around!

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4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Claire Cappetta
    Feb 27, 2013 @ 16:19:02

    Aww See now you made me blush! lol Have a great day! :-D


  2. adinparadise
    Feb 27, 2013 @ 22:19:29

    Congrats to you on your prestigious award. I’m really ‘fluffed up’ that you should consider nominating me. Thanks so much. It may take a while for me to do an acceptance post, as I’m off on my travels again next week, and have lots to do before then. :D


    • Walking 4 Air
      Feb 28, 2013 @ 12:39:12

      And that is the exact reason why I love your blog so much ~ out there seeing the world! Can’t wait to see where you are off to next, enjoy your travels and good luck with the “to do” list.:)


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