Tonight, Will You Be My Baby?


It’s been a long wait!

I got my golden circle tickets before they went on sale to the public.

I’ve been a fan since the beginning of time.

And finally, tonight’s the night.

Bon Jovi are in Cape Town and tonight they are going to rock The Cape Town Stadium.


When I bought my tickets I assured everyone I would without a doubt be such a girl when the time came.

I did it in 1995.

And I am going to do it again.

I am going to scream.

I am going to sing out of tune.

At the top of my voice.

And I am going to cry.


I hope by the end of tonight I still have friends.

You have all been warned, so forgive me dear ones.

I smile as I recall yet again a memory from way back when in the 80’s when I was 12 years old ~ “Livin’ on a Prayer” had just been released and Jon Bon Jovi was a super-rock-god in skin-tight ripped jeans strutting his stuff on stage.


He was my idol. I adored him. (Can you tell I still do?!) One day I attempted to leave the house in my skin-tight, newly ripped jeans, Bon Jovi style. My poor father nearly had a heart attack and screamed at me “and where the hell do you think you are going dressed like that young lady?!” Needless to say I had to go back and change.

Just as we left the 90’s and headed into the new millennium, Bon Jovi came through for me again. My life as I knew it was turned upside down and everything changed. I was lost, unsure of who I was anymore and had to start from scratch all over again. It was as if they had written this song just for me. I drove my friends crazy with it. I sang it out loud. I danced to it. In fact, when it came on I sang out aloud and danced like my life depended on it, no matter what I was doing. Still now, years later my friends hear this song and instantly think of me (after a fair amount of groaning they do smile at the memory!) The song was “It’s My Life.” It became my life’s anthem. I was the one who controlled my life, not others. Probably my biggest and best lesson I ever learnt. The words were so apt to what was happening in my life and in those moments of hearing that song, I knew I was doing life for me and not for anyone else anymore. In those moments I rediscovered who I was. It was now or never. I stood firm on my own two feet and so my best life began. I started living for the first time ever and I haven’t looked back since and Bon Jovi was there for it all!

I have been their biggest fan for so long I actually can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a fan.

I am shaking as I write this post.

I am so ridiculously excited.

Somebody give me a tranquilizer.

I’m just hours away from seeing the love of my life again ~ up close and personal.

I can’t concentrate.

I can’t speak properly.

I feel deliriously dizzy.

This is the only time I will ever use this word

But it is practically IMPOSSIBLE to get more excited than this!


Tonight in a crowd of 60 000 plus

It’s just you and me baby!

~ A special note to my Mom: As requested, if they sing Bed of Roses, your all time favourite,crank it up super loud Bon Jovi song, as promised I will sing even louder, I will wave my arms higher and better yet, this will be the moment Jon Bon Jovi will pulls me up on stage. Yes, a girl can dream! ~

~ Tonight at 9pm South African time I will be in the Golden Circle waiting for Bon Jovi to begin their Because We Can Tour in Cape Town. Just thinking about it makes me delirious! ~

~ I Am Officially Down To Counting Hours ~

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deevra Norling
    May 07, 2013 @ 12:13:58

    I’m so insanely jealous, it’s just not funny. I have been one of their biggest fans since forever and I’m missing the concert. Sob, Wail…!

    The song ‘Someday I’ll be Saturday Night’ is the one I equate with bringing me through a rather tough time in my life. It was lean times, money was scarce, friends were scarce, I was battling it out on my own. In the midst of heavy depressive episodes, I’d put on Bon Jovi, lay on the floor and in earnest sing along to the lyrics of this song which was quite meaningful. “,,, someday I’ll be Saturday night, I’ll be back on my feet, I’ll be doing alright. May not be tomorrow baby, that’s ok. I ain’t going down – gonna find a way….!!”


    • Walking 4 Air
      May 07, 2013 @ 12:19:41

      And look at you now!!!! :):) You should so be there tonight. But as you are not, if they sing ‘Someday I’ll be Saturday night’ (I know all the words of that one too of course), I’ll sing loud and proud for you girl! :)


  2. Deevra Norling
    May 07, 2013 @ 12:38:33

    YAY! “You’ll Be There For Me…..” ha haaa ha… sorry – couldn’t resist!


  3. Naomi Baltuck
    May 08, 2013 @ 17:31:24

    So happy for you. Have fun!


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