The Single Girl “Plus One” Dilemma


What does a single girl around here have to do to get a date?

Being single is a huge amount of fun and trust me I wear my single girl stiletto’s with pride!

I can do what I want. When I want and with whom I want. I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself. The duvet is all mine. The toilet seat is always down. The bonuses always add up and as uncertain as the life of a single girl may be, we can make our own rules and answer only to ourselves and quite simply that rocks! (But let it be said and noted, when the right one comes along I will happily snap him up)!

Sometimes there is a downside to single life. For instance, when you get an invite to a wedding that includes plus one and you have no choice but to go. (Don’t ask, trust me I tried to get out of this one but my life was practically threatened if I didn’t come but that’s another story to tell!)


I have a number of male friends I could ask, all who will now no doubt, if they read this post, get their feathers ruffled. The problem is that 98% of my male friend I wouldn’t dream of taking with me for various reasons.

A few are shorter than me when I wear flat shoes, therefore me in high heels renders them even shorter when standing next to me and puts me in the spot light as a freakishly tall woman. Another would not speak to anyone because he doesn’t know anyone and I would have to stand in the corner keeping him company every second of the entire night and that is not really my idea of fun. Then we have the one who wouldn’t be caught dead on the dance floor, when I absolutely love to dance. The other one would wonder what type of friends I keep as these people know how to have a good time and this could be the party of the year coming up!

Let’s not even begin with the problem of inviting a male friend and they get the wrong impression as to why I am inviting them!


Out of all my male friends I had two guys who absolutely, without a doubt in my mind fitted the bill for been a kick-ass wedding partner. They would dance, they would get up to mischief and at the end of the night we would have had the most amazing night of raucous fun.

The problem?

The one I really wanted to ask (and I did ask) was leaving for a holiday overseas and would only be back on the afternoon of the wedding and after some serious thought and even after discussing freshening up at the airport bathroom and getting picked up at the airport, and even thought he said he would have loved to have come with me, in the end a ridiculous number of hours traveling and impending jet-lag seemed to win the order of the wedding day, leaving me without my desired plus one.

That left only one other person I would consider asking, only problem is he now lives overseas. We went to a wedding together once on a beach, we stayed the whole weekend and boy did we have fun! Another wedding we went to saw me catching the bouquet and him catching the garter ~ we then proceeded to dance with everyone lining the sides clapping and cheering, teasing each other on the dance floor and singing the words to the fabulous Tina Turner ~ Simply the Best! We always get up to mischief together and nights out together are never dull. I took a chance and ‘penned’ him an email with the subject line “Where are you when I really need you?” asking him if there was any chance he’s be out in SA on holiday over the wedding date. The answer was sadly no, however he was delighted to get his first inter-continental wedding invite. *Sigh* we could have had so much fun.

and they lived happily ever after

Now the wedding couple want names of partners for the tables, talk about pressure!

A colleague of mine who is going to the same wedding is having the same problem as me it seems. How does he know the girl he’s thinking of taking now will be the same girl he’s taking by the time the wedding comes up? Hahaha, talk about life’s curve balls!

While it wouldn’t be the end of the world to go on my own, it would definitely be more fun to have someone to keep me company other than the bartender and on top of that I have been told by the groom that under no circumstances am I allowed to come on my own. Bless him, he wants the best for me! I guess I wouldn’t mind going on my own, who knows, I might meet my future I Do or my future You’ll Do For Right Now!


Now it’s a race against the clock and a matter of who. A girlfriend to chat with? A guy friend to shimmy with? Right now, I am open to potentials…

I need someone who can hold their own conversation, who can make small talk with people they’ve just met, and who won’t be a drunken fool as this wedding has an open bar and let us not forget easy on the eye wouldn’t hurt either!

Seriously, don’t they hire out these kind of people?

The plus one search is on.

Please send all possibilities my way.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jess
    Jul 02, 2013 @ 08:14:53

    Definitely take a girlfriend! Weddings are great party opportunities and only a girlfriend truly knows the kind of fun that can be had! Innocent mischief, energetic dancing, throw your head back laughter….. awesome photo opportunities….! Good luck with your decision and hope my advice has helped!! Jess


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