A Post-It-Note for the Soul ~ Happy ChooseDay!



“The Theme you choose may change or simply elude you,

but being your own story means you can always choose the tone.

It also means you can invent the language to say who you are

and what you mean.”

~ Toni Morrison

This past week in Pinetown, Durban a terrible and very tragic accident happened in the early evening where a truck coming down a long steep hill got to experience the terror of the truck’s brakes failing. Within minutes, 27 people were killed. In the blink of an eye they breathed no more. I got to see the video of the moment of impact taken from a car that had a camera mounted on the dash-board. The truck hurtled through the intersection at the bottom of the hill, tearing through a red traffic light. As the light turned green for the other side you witness a car on the right with two taxi’s in the two lanes next to him, the three of them lining the front row, slowing as the light turns green they begin moving forward side by side, as if in unison. It all happens so fast you don’t get to see much, and I’m thankful for that. The next thing you get to witness is one of the taxi’s still spinning around, eventually coming to a stop on the far side of the intersection. The metal completely torn apart like it’s been pried open with a can opener. Half the taxi gone, with some seats remaining but the seats that were filled, now stood empty. Although the video had no sound, you could almost hear that eerie silence that comes after the sound of metal on metal.

Ironically, as the three vehicles lined the front of the intersection waiting their turn to go, neither of the two taxis jumped ahead as they usually do when they see the other side of the lights changing to amber stopping the other cars. Their vehicles stayed still, waiting for the light to turn green. Had they broken the law as they so often do and jumped the light a little early, they would have been ok and they would have just missed the truck. But it was not to be. Their time on earth was done and it simply was their time to go. Nothing in this world can change that.

In the days following this terribly tragic accident,  I think of those who died last Thursday evening. I wonder when exactly they climbed into those cars or into those taxi’s. What were thinking as they sat at that green traffic light.  Were they planning the dinner they would cook when they arrived home. Were they excited to be on their way to meet friends or family for the evening. Were they irritable and moody after a long and bad day at work. Were they happy or were they stressed about something. Were they heartbroken from a love that has just been lost or were they in love with life. I like to think they were singing along to their favourite song, just like I do so often when I am in my car.

I have endured death so many times in my short life so far, and as painful as it is to witness loved one’s who pass on, I have come to know and believe that we will never really know why it was their time, we can ask that question till we are blue in the face. What I have come to realise is that it’s God’s calling. As awful and as terrible as it is, we don’t get a say in when a loved one leaves this world. But what we do get is a choice in how we use our time.

We do get a say on how we live.

And we must remember we are all living on borrowed time.

Life truly is a beautiful wonder to behold.

So I hope you will go out into the world and let stories happen to you.

Work with them,

Water them with your blood, tears and laugher

Till they bloom

And until you yourself burst into bloom.

Life may knock us down

And at times we can’t always stop ourselves from falling.

But what we have to do it refuse to stay down.

And at the end of the day if we can’t stay down

At least we should lift our hearts toward heaven

And like a hungry beggar ask that it be filled.

Because what beautiful and amazing things

Just fall out of the sky

When you are ready to catch them.

For even in a stormy world

There is nothing more calming and beautiful

Than to stand up and show your soul.

Make today count.

For not all of us get to know when our time will be up.

~ My heart goes out to all those who lost their lives that day, to their families and their friends who are reeling in the aftermath and to those who were injured may you be filled with healing, forgiveness and love.  To the truck driver may you find the lessons, understand them and find peace and last but not least to all those who were on scene helping, it is unimaginable what you must have faced, may you too find healing and love. ~

~ In life’s tragedies, and in life’s beauty I write myself little reminders as love notes to myself. They remind me that everything is a gift, that life is short and it is very worth living and I hope that my little reminders to myself can at times be reminders for you too. ~

~ Wishing you all a wonderful ChooseDay where you live in the moment, where you launch yourself on every wave and that you celebrate every step of your life’s journey. ~

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