Tempting Passion ~ Happy ChooseDay!



“Passion is as much a necessity for all you dare to do.

And all you dare to be, as Love is.

Passion is your driving force.

It’s what brings you home.

It’s what calls your name with faith and trust

and it longs and yearns just as much for you.

It’s what sets you on fire and keeps you alive.

It’s your curiosity, your hunger and your thirst.

And only you, you alone, can bring the passion to life.

And your Passion is why you are here.

Let it be your guide.”

 ~ Angela Gwinner

Don’t delay!!

This is the time to invite fate.

To temp passion.

To fuel your desire.

To expect miracles by dreaming big.

You have to catapult yourself into the world

Engaging life’s magic.

Where journeys are begun

Connections are made

And dreams come true.

For anything worth having

Is worth thinking about.

Every day.

For 5 minutes.

In a dark room.

Wearing a really huge big smile.

Wearing slippers

Is optional, of course!

~ Remember, you pretty much just need to have a dream and show up, then wands start waving all over the place. ~

~ Happy dream filled ChooseDay everyone! ~

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