Too Big For Definitions ~ Happy ChooseDay!



“I’m surrounded by walls.

Cornered by constraint.

Forced into the places you put me.

Squeezed into safe shapes.  Shoved into polished packages.  Sheltered from the power of my own determination.

You ask me to aspire but then you question my ambition. You tell me to explain, instead of teaching me to explore.

You want me to feel but then you suffocate my senses. Bury me with should’s and can’t’s and supposed to’s….

Drown me in the ordinary.

You tell me to stand for something, but the ceiling you made for me is too low. The space you assigned to me is too small. How can I rise up when your ungreat expectations keep me down?

The roof over my head is leaking with limitations. The cover above me was locked by foreign fingers.

The windows to my world are blacked out by what you want me to be.

Why do you need to define me?

Why is it necessary for you to sum me up in one sentence?

What is it about my potential that scares you?

I will no longer be held hostage by your near-sighted vision.

I will not be imprisoned by YOUR comfort zone.  I will not be locked up by YOUR fears… Your lack of imagination and absence of articulation will no longer limit my long overdue manifestation…

My destiny is now firmly in my hands.

So stop trying to put me and peg me and pin me… your palms move too slow and my faith grows too fast.

I don’t have perfectly square edges. And I can’t fit inside anyone else’s box. My passions are too wild to be tamed. My dreams are too big for any cage.

My belief is too reckless to stay within the lines.

When you define me, you confine me.

My power is in my lack of definition. I am whatever I want to be…

No limits, no borders, no boundaries. Always open, ever evolving.

I can BE anything.

And for me… anything is possible.”

~ Kash Shaikh

In a world that is far too quick to pass judgement

And to shove us into a box of unachievable

Some people seem to be afraid to watch others excel.

Instead of supporting, they bash you down

And tell you all the reasons why you can’t.

What could go wrong.

And how you are in over your head.

Don’t listen to them.

They are the nay-sayers of life.


At the moment I am pushing myself to limits

that are close to pushing myself right over the edge.

I’m feeling mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted.

I’m stretching myself in every direction possible.

And it’s taking its toll.


Three big life decisions all at once.

Each one has the potential to change my path completely.

At this point I could just throw in the towel and walk away

And settle for the less ordinary life.

That would be the easy option.

But if there is one thing I have learnt over the years

It is that you have to fight for your dreams.

Even when others might not at first believe you can do it.

Even when others might put you down.

Even when others say it will never work.

You have to put up a fight.

It will hurt.

There will no doubt be tears

And feelings of wanting to give it all up.

It will test you in every conceivable way

And at times it will make you question yourself

Over and over again.


But one thing I have come to realise over years of painstakingly hard work.

It is worth it.

It makes your soul come alive.

It makes you see the beauty of the world.

In colour.

And with every fibre of your being

You have to fight for it.


“Give me a challenge.

Throw everything at me.

Cut the power and kidnap the excuses.

Beat my will and torture my toughness.

Weaken my body and harden my mind.

Unleash all Forces of Nature.

And when the ground stops shaking…

I’ll still be standing.

Conqueror of the unconquerable.”


Follow your dreams

Wherever they may take you

No matter what others may say


Never, never EVER give up.

Defy the rules of what society set for you

and be who you were born to be.


Yes, my destiny is firmly in my own hands.

I hope yours is too.

 ~ Wishing you all a wickedly amazing ChooseDay where you defy the box society puts you into! ~

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