What If We Weren’t Afraid? ~ Happy ChooseDay!

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The real juice of life, whether it be sweet or bitter, is to be found not nearly so much in the products of our efforts as in the process of living itself, in how it feels to be alive. ~ George Leonard

What if we weren’t afraid?

What if there was nothing to lose?

What if we weren’t afraid to express

What feels authentic or true in ourselves?

What if there were no mistakes in life

And we could be spontaneous?

To think beyond what is possible.

To stop being afraid of what could go wrong.

And start being positive about all that could go right.

We can create what we want to see in the world.

Stay close to things that make you feel alive.

Don’t wait for an invitation.

Let your radiance shine brightly.

Your heart open wide to receive the beauty all around.

For life is too short to blend in.

Maybe, we should just “Do It Scared”

For beautiful adventures await us.

~May you all have a deliriously happy ChooseDay where you claim your authentic truth and allow the Universe to support you as you become even more yourself than ever before ~

~ Pic from Favim ~

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