One Human Lab Rat Coming Up…


I’ve always said the universe has a funny sense of humour and this week is proving to be no different!

Completely unaware that tomorrow was the 15th November, an email pops into my inbox confirming my ‘lab rat’ appointment. Gulp. I thought that was next week Friday! Typical this has to happen on the week my exercise program has been erratic and my eating plan has been out of control!

If you are new to my blog and didn’t get to read my first post about my impending lab rat appointment, you can read all about it here. But a quick refresh is that they are going to be doing a series of scientific assessments on us that will measure and assess our physical and lifestyle characteristics as people who participate in high altitude expeditions.

After the usual things like answering some questions and doing some body measurements (I really shouldn’t have over indulged this week), they are going to prick my finger to get a glucose and cholesterol blood test. Then we’ll be doing my blood pressure and resting heart rate and my oxygen saturation.  Then the scary lung function test, something already tells me I don’t particularly want to know the results to this one and then when I read what was next up on the list on all that I will be doing, I literally laughed out aloud.  1 minutes of push ups / sit ups.  Now I have strong core stomach muscles thanks to years of ballet dancing so I have no problem with sit ups but please don’t ask me to do 1 minute of push ups. I try this at regular intervals and believe me when I say I am truly pathetic at anything that looks remotely like a push up. I’m more likely to be found lying with my face firmly planted on the floor!

Next up, I’ll be doing some bench and leg presses and after all the work I’ve been doing on my leg strength this should be a piece of cake for me…. famous last words perhaps?! As for the bench press, keep the ambulance ready, if it’s what I think it is, it might be a case of death by large ‘dumbbell’!  If I survive all of the above, next up will be some leg extensions and flexion and thankfully, that sounds easy enough.

sport science banner shot 515 x 220

Lastly, and I laughed the hardest here, the V02 Max Test on the treadmill. Now I very much doubt they are going to let me walk here and I am so positive they are going to expect me to break out into a run. Me run, hahahahahahaha. No. I don’t run. I have tried the whole running thing a few years back. My boyfriend and I used to go running together in the evenings. It would mostly end up with me sitting somewhere not even remotely close to the halfway point on the pavement crying big crocodile tears from absolute pain!  You see, I seem to suffer from excruciating shin splints. Shin splints that make me want to die from the pain when it happens. Hence I don’t run. But having said that, should I have to run on a treadmill tomorrow, the real test is going to be whether I can actually stay on the treadmill or if I will go flying off the other end landing face first on the floor! No, I definitely don’t run. I don’t even attempt it anymore. Maybe I can persuade them to put me on a bicycle instead….

So tomorrow to say the least is going to be interesting.

I don’t know if I will make it through all this in one piece.

But I’m going to hold on for dear life through it all.

And if I do survive all that is coming towards me tomorrow

Do stay tuned for the crazy update of my experience.


Now if only I had remembered that tomorrow was the 15th, which meant my looming appointment, I would have stuck to eating nothing but skinned chicken, vegetables and salad and I would have gone to gym twice a day, ever day!

I would have worked on my push-ups too.

Yes, the universe is laughing.

As I am!

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