Aconcagua 2014 | Ready to summit

The team is at Camp 3 now. After all that snow, they left Camp 2 in 30 degree heat while trudging up to Camp 3. Now it is snowing again and they are all jumping into sleeping bags and organising hot drinks to keep warm. They plan to leave for the summit at 3 am. Good luck to all!

Aconcagua 2014 | Snow in Camp 2

Quite an eventful night was had by all, with 25 cm of snow. When Ronnie made contact, they were busy digging themselves out of tents to have breakfast, pack and head on up to Camp 3 at a whopping 6000 metres. More snow is expected later, but the weather is still looking good for tomorrow’s summit bid. The team is nervously excited for what is to come.

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