Love Is All Around


Couples are planning romantic getaways, and dinners and singles are eying the one they love, hoping that they can catch their attention, while others who have lost faith in love, are preparing to tolerate what could be classed as Hallmark’s worst holiday ever.

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here to stay and for this one day a year, love becomes the highlight of the day.  Even though Valentine’s Day is a special holiday that celebrates love, love is something we can celebrate all year round.  Can you just for a moment imagine what this would be like if we all stayed present to love 365 days of the year? Love not only for another person, but love for mankind and for all living beings on earth.


Maybe this Valentine’s Day, whether single or in a relationship, we should all take the invitation to become more available to give and receive love to the world, more determined to leave old wounds behind, and open up to the possibility of resolving whatever needs attention in our lives so that love can flourish outwards.  Because love is worth celebrating and for those of us too busy to celebrate love 365 days a year, at least there is a holiday to remind us! Love is what turns the daily grind into tolerable, making the ride enjoyable.  Today reminds us that every day we should be shouting out from the rooftops how much we love our significant others, moms and dads, kids, friends, pets, and yes, even ourselves.  For love does make the world more beautiful ~ it makes meals taste yummier, illnesses hurt less, and sunsets more brilliant.  What is there not to love about love?

LOVE ~ A wildly misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart that weakens the brain, causes eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and lips to pucker.

However you view V-Day, may cupid’s arrow strike you and make you fall hopelessly in love with life, not only today but 365 days a year.

For true romantics, the gift of love is enough. So if you do one thing today, celebrate your freedom to love!

Start a love adventure and take it with you into your year.

The great thing about today is that whatever happens today is entirely up to you.

Love it or hate it.

Candy! Valentine’s! Roses! Secret Admirers! Self-Appreciation! Love!

Now what’s not to love about that?!


Happy Valentines-Love Day Everyone!

Whether you choose to celebrate or not, fill your day with love!

And a little something for those who find Valentines Day hard (there’s enough around every shop aisle, street corner, email, TV for those who love V-Day) so just humour the singles for a moment. The one about the bugs literally made me laugh out aloud at work ~ too funny!

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