Ever Had One of THOSE Days?


Sometimes you wake up and you just have one of those days, where things happen to you over and over again, as if someone is testing you.

Well, I’m having one of those days today!

It is one of those days where I think it is best just to go straight back to bed, pull the cover over your head and wait for the moment where everything is going wrong to pass and start all over again.

I woke really early this morning.  Like ridiculously early and I found myself lying there wide awake as if something had woken me. Thoughts were running through my head and so I grabbed a pen and wrote a poem. Lol, yes I do silly things like that at odd hours! I loved my thoughts and it was a good but early start to my day even thought I could really have done with the extra sleep. It’s taken me a while to get back into the swing of things since coming back from my mountain climb but finally this week I’ve been getting back into routine and that has included getting up early before work to train for an hour and then to do some meditation.  But this morning I was awake long before I needed to rise for that.  So I decided to switch off my light again and try get at least another hours sleep in. That’s where all started to go wrong. I couldn’t fall asleep despite losing count of the yawns that were escaping through my mouth, naturally until about 10 minutes before my alarm went off!  I crept out of bed feeling tired. Nothing that meditation and gym wouldn’t sort out I said to myself being the positive person that I am… My training was mediocre and I found myself ambling my way through uninterested and ready to finish even before I started but I pushed through. The meditation was great, I came out feeling relaxed, calm and feeling peaceful. My day was looking up and I thought I was going to be ok.

2211603370_ootd_full_cover_hires_xlargeLeaving for work I rounded the corner and walked straight into an open draw on my way through my kitchen to the garage, connecting my thigh with the corner of the draw at full speed. Who leaves draws open in the kitchen I cried in pain. Pain doesn’t even begin to cover it!

Recovering from my misfortune with the kitchen draw, I got into my car and proceeded to struggle for five minutes just to turn the house alarm on before I drove away.  Finally, driving to work in my own little peace bubble, my music making my soul dance until the man in front of me decided he  was in no hurry to get where he was going to and so was taking his sweet old-time so that something stupid like 37 cars could change lanes and drive in front of him, which led to everyone behind him miss 3 green traffic lights. I could feel my patience wearing thin. Deep breath after deep breath. I changed lanes as soon as I couldn’t take it anymore, leaving the man driving in no particular hurry far behind (and this was driving in traffic might I add). Sanity was restored.

Getting to work, I turn on my PC and started my day. I was focused and ready to go.

My phone rings, I see the name and I know something is wrong. The shuttle driver who was supposed to be meeting 20 franchisees and HO staff at the airport an hour before is nowhere to be found. It’s not the first time this has happened and once again I find my patience is wearing thin with our travel agent, who after years of working with our company just can’t seem to get it together. And these are the simple things. I’m glad I’m sitting in Cape Town and can’t see the 40 eyes glaring at me at the airport arrivals hall while thinking I’m incompetent….


A colleague phones me to pass on a message to me that was passed on to her about something that I have to go and pick up on behalf of someone else and the poor dear just sat there and listened through the phone as I rattled off my protest in the nicest way I could possibly protest.  She listened, she laughed, she commiserated and helped me offload.  She is a blessing!

The one document I have been working on all morning and really need to print won’t print. Everything else prints except the document I need. I try everything. Turning the printer on and off. Turning my PC on and off. Trying another printer. I take a deep breath in. Today is not going well. I’m trying hard to stay sane. The universe is not making it easy today. Thank God for a cup of tea, the couch by my desk and a newspaper that makes my problems shrink in comparison while one of our IT guys works on my PC.  It takes a while to find the problem but eventually the problem is found , my document is printed and I haven’t thrown or broken anything yet.

But it doesn’t end there, I spill my tea all over my desk by nearly dropping my iPhone into my mug – Don’t even ask me what I was trying to do….


It was only 11am and I wasn’t even half way through my day. I long to pull the covers of my duvet over my head and start this day all over again.  It has been a nutty morning but I have too much to accomplish today and must soldier on.

Right now I am not sure if I need sex, sleep or to punch someone in the face.

My ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde. It has been all month.

These things happen in a retrograde.

I should be used to it by now.

But today is particularly bad.

May today pass quickly…

May the sun rise on tomorrow

And Mercury, please, I think it’s time you start travelling in the right direction again….

For the world’s sanity and my own!

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