Hold On To Your Hats!

The weather gods were certainly on our side, we had made it just in time!

After our hike on Saturday morning, the wind began to sweep in later that afternoon shrouding not only Devil’s Peak in cloud, but the entire mountain. We sure had been lucky to make it up the mountain before the misty cloud rolled over the top of the mountain and the wind started to batter everything in sight.

I took this picture this morning on my way to work at a red traffic light (and please note my car is no phone zone so taking this picture is really out of character for me but I pulled up at a red light and had a perfect view so grabbed the opportunity).

The Cape Doctor is back!

The Cape Doctor is back!

Beneath all that cloud is Table Mountain!

It’s a good thing it’s Monday and a work day as there certainly wouldn’t be any hiking today. The wind has been howling non-stop, its power shown so clearly in this photo. Completely engulfing our beautiful mountain and pummeling the city below.  The cable way has stopped working and no tourists are able to go up until the wind dies down. Life on the mountain comes to a halt.

For those who have never experienced the Cape Town summer South Easter wind, also known as the “Cape Doctor”, it really is something to behold. In fact, the wind is legendary and probably stronger and more reliable than anywhere else in the world. Throughout summer in Cape Town the Cape Doctor works his magic, blowing away smog and leaving in its trail clear blue skies and the fresh sea air.  But often when it reaches gale-force strength it too can leave a path of destruction, yet at the same time it gets strangers smiling and laughing together and sometimes even has them holding hands and doing a waltz of sorts! Later this week I’m going to share with you just how powerful this wind can be. I will take you on a journey down memory lane, a day where myself and two friends got five minutes of fame and landed up on the front page of a Cape Town newspaper…!!

It might be a beautiful sunny day, but here in Cape Town perfect weather and the wind go hand in hand.  So if you are in Cape Town, assume the brace position; the Cape Doctor is working his magic!

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