A Little Teaser of What’s to Come!

I was lucky enough to escape from the confines of work early today (my boss really is the best) I decided to do a little picture story for my friend, who will in just 10 more sleeps be landing in Cape Town, South Africa for the very first time.

It started like this….

Just before I left work I had a quick peek at the world of my Facebook timeline and saw an update from my friend, Charlie that went like this.


So as I drove towards home I decided to tell him a little story in pictures just to get him a little more excited for what’s to come…

And as it was a scorching 38°C outside it was perfect for what I wanted to do!


You see, when Charlie arrives in Cape Town I’m going to take him up Table Mountain (by foot at his request) and show him the true beauty of our mountain and the glorious views from the top. So as I drove home I decided to tell him a little story in pictures just to get him a little more excited for what’s to come. So I pulled up at the beach, slipped my sandles off and headed for the sand and sea….



I chose this beach because it’s a little quieter than the main beach at Blouberg.  It was the most glorious afternoon, the sand hot beneath my feet, a kite-surfer or two on the beach, a lone windsurfer in the water and one or two others walking their dogs and the views were magnificent and unspoilt with the sea beautiful shades of green and blue.




Looking back along the almost deserted beach I could see all the way back to Blouberg Beach as the sun beat down on my skin, rejuvenating my body after a long day at work. The sand hot beneath my bare feet eagerly pushed me towards the ice-cold Atlantic Ocean….








No longer able to resist, I lifted my long skirt up above my knees and glided into the water, the coldness soothing my hot feet as the water rushed over me.





All of this and so much more, Charlie is waiting for you! Cape Town is ready to welcome you with open arms to show you her magnificent sights and all the beauty that comes with living here. I can’t wait to be your tour guide and show you all the gems of the Mother City!



Just 10 more sleeps, including the one on the plane!


Over the next 9 days I will post one photo a day with a little sneak peek of what Cape Town, the beautiful Mother City down south has to offer, not only my friend Charlie who is coming to stay, but anyone wishing to visit Cape Town.

May the photos (all taken by me as I’ve explored my city over time) tantalize and tease you until you book a ticket to visit and see for yourself!

Now at almost 9pm on a Wednesday night, I am off to visit friends who are braai’ing (BBQ’ing) because it’s a beautiful summers night and this is what we do in Cape Town in summer. They have been on at me for the last 2 hours to come over…. I have such a rubber arm!

Here’s to summer in Cape Town…

~ All Photos By Me ~

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