A Little Teaser ~ 9 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cape Town, South Africa: Reason # 4

In a short 9 day series I’m going to show you all the best bits about Cape Town and all the reasons why you should visit the beautiful city I live in!

Reason # 4:

The Sea Point Promenade


They call it the joggers mile and the place where many people meet for a walk and a talk.

Sea Point is situated between Signal Hill and the Atlantic Ocean and is characterised by high-rise, luxury apartments. The Sea Point Promenade, a 3 kilometre paved walkway that stretches from Sea Point to the other side of the Mouille Point Lighthouse is much-loved by locals and visitors alike.

Meandering along the front of Sea Point offers beautiful views up towards the mountain on one side, and the wide open Atlantic Ocean on the other and on a hot summer’s day it is best done with a soft serve ice-cream as you take a stroll.

photo 446

Benches along the beach front provide an ideal place to rest while taking in the stunning views across the ocean. There is also plenty for the whole family to do with a number of children’s playgrounds along the way, a maze, a putt-putt course and public chlorinated, sea-water swimming pools to cool off too.


Whether you walking the promenade in summer or winter it has something special to offer. The most mesmerising sunsets, warm sunshine on your skin, cool sea breezes to delight everyone and in winter, the promenade is host to some of the most spectacular Cape Storms!

photo 1456

photo 1478

It’s an amazing place to take someone special, or to just unwind without anyone disturbing you, or to take a walk with friends while catching up.

Let the sea breeze cleanse your soul, and the ocean air revitalise your spirit, while making you feel glad you’re in Cape Town.

A walk along the promenade is somehow guaranteed to soothe your soul.

Beautiful views of the ocean await!

~ All Photos By Me ~

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