Conductor of Life and 2nd Birthday Blog Celebrations ~ Happy ChooseDay!


When you awaken love and laughter in your life, your mind let’s go of fear and anxiety, and your happy spirit becomes the healing balm that transforms every aspect of your human experience. ~ Jesse Dylan

Isn’t it such a wonderful thought that you alone are the conductor of this melodious symphony that is your life?!

Let the beats play on… Today is the 2nd “birthday” of my blog and it would only be fitting to say a monster thank you to all those of you who have followed my life journey and supported me along the way. Two years ago I never dreamed of blogging, I just dreamed of climbing Kilimanjaro and sharing my story with my loved ones. But because of all of you, my blog has grown into what it is today and most importantly because of this blog there are so many of you out there who two years ago didn’t know about Cystic Fibrosis but are now so much more aware. So thank you to each and everyone one of you for the support and for being a part of my life’s journey through readying my blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my adventures as much as I’ve enjoyed living the stories.

As always, there is still so much more to come…!

~ Wishing you all a ChooseDay filled with joy, laughter and of course love! ~

~ Pics from Favim ~

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    Mar 16, 2014 @ 22:12:57



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