The Magic Of An Indian Summer

Instead of gym last night I headed for the beach where a long walk along the cool sand was calling to my soul. The air warm, the sea flat and not a breath of wind was around, on that perfect autumn afternoon, all I could feel was the unexpected heat of the sun soaking into my skin.




Off in the distance, silhouetted by the sun, two stand up paddlers romped in the waves. On the sand, a dog chased a ball his owner had thrown for him, dashing in and out of the waves. The sound of the waves crashing to shore in a steady rhythm, with each crashing wave like meditation for the soul.


I came across a ‘I ♡ SA’ carved in the sand and had to take a photo of it because yes, even if I don’t feel like I belong here, I still ♡ SA!

With temperatures set to reach the high 20°C’s and low 30°C this week in Cape Town, the Mother City is displaying the perfect Indian Summer in autumn and I for one am going to make the most of it.



After my walk I found a spot on the dunes and sat down in the white sand as a kaleidoscope of twisting tangerine and coral, the sunset began to paint the canvas of the sky.








There is such beauty in the simple things.

I think most things are pretty magical, last night was no different!

Beauty is all around, you just have to choose to see it!

~ Choose to see the good and the beauty of the world – Happy ChooseDay Everyone ~

~ All Photos By Me ~

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  1. paranoiasnfm
    Apr 08, 2014 @ 12:17:20

    Amazing! <3


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