A Dash of Fun and A Cup of Good Humour



At the height of laughter,
the universe is flung into
a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. ~ Jean Houston

One of my all-time favourite, favourite quotes.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love to laugh.

Even if there is nothing to laugh about

Laugh on credit.

When you laugh

Your soul begins to dance

Like a flame in the wind

It becomes the fireworks of your soul.

A sparkle appears in your eyes

And your soul expands in the most

Intricate and unexpected ways

For laughter truly is

The healing balm of the soul.

So be sure to carry laughter with you

Wherever you go.

~ Happy ChooseDay everyone, may your day be filled with sound of beautiful laughter! ~

See What Works and Celebrate That

I’ve already shared this wherever I could possibly share it – on Facebook, via email and on Twitter, practically showing it to anyone who cares to watch, listen or read what I have to say. This is the new South Africa tourism brand video, a stunning piece that captures the true essence that is South Africa.

I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and have lived here most of my life, except for four years of my life I spent partying it up in other parts of the world! Even though to this day I believe that my soul belongs elsewhere in the world, I love my country with every fibre of my being.

It has unspeakable beauty that only the senses can truly capture. This video captures that beautifully! You decide for yourself.

Too many times I hear or read about people complaining about South Africa, whether they live here or not, but truth be told no country is completely free of crime, politics, racism, or everyday problems. I feel no need to point fingers and “dis” another country because of the issues they have. The whole world knows my country is not perfect in many ways (is yours?) but as I have always believed and said, you choose what you see. See the beauty and good around you and your whole view changes. I’m not naïve or turning a blind eye, it’s more a case of making a conscious decision every single day of my life to see what works, to see the beauty around me and to celebrate that.

As my friend Charlie, who visited South Africa for the first time earlier this year, commented when I shared this video on Facebook, “…I left a little bit of my heart there.” South Africa tends to do that, steal a little piece of your heart, enticing you back for more. I hope when you visit my country one day it does the same for you.

No matter where I go or what I do, I will always be a proud South African. This video truly does capture the true beauty of South Africa like you’ve never seen before.

What is beauty to you?

Bravo, South Africa!

I am proud!

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