For The Love of the Human Race


When the Power of Love Overcomes the Love of Power, the World Will Know Peace. ~ Jimi Hendrix

The news lately has been filled with horror, greed and simply, more horror.

Sadly, it’s nothing new.

In such negative times

So many find it hard to be positive.

But we, as individuals, have the power to make a difference.

Let us fight for a new, kinder world.

One that is filled with peace and love.

With so much fighting going on all around the world

And last week, the absolute horror of a plane filled with innocent people

Ruthlessly shot down.

As a species, we really sucked last week.

Let’s all try a little harder this week, shall we?

Hate is easy; Love takes courage.

Isn’t it so wonderful that we get to choose.

Love or Hate.

Light or Darkness.

Choose to spread the love.

For it’s true that

If you give a little love

You get a little of your own.

Focus your energy on the light

And the world really can become a beautiful place to live.

 ~ May your day be filled with love, peace and making a difference in whatever small way you can. Happy ChooseDay Everyone! ~

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