Simple Pleasures Turned Breathtaking

So, I’m still studying for exams. Currently it feels like the story of my life. So for now, when I get to escape the four walls of my study, simple pleasures becomes breathtaking pursuits of happiness for me.

I’ve been staying out in Green Point for a few days and it’s my old playground where I used to live and it has one of the most beautiful places to walk along the Atlantic Ocean, The Sea Point Promenade. After a hard day of studying on Saturday, I closed my books and with the twist of an arm (not really but maybe just a little) I persuaded someone to join me for a beautiful sunset walk.




Even with the sun warm on our faces, a cool wind blew for which I was quickly became grateful for the long sleeves I had on. Others were less fortunate and hunkered down with only a t-shirt on for warmth! Sometimes even Capetonians don’t learn, always carry a jersey or jacket with you, especially at this time of year. (Yes, I’m still laughing!)

The promenade was bustling with people as usual walking and enjoying the sun as she continued her journey towards the horizon.




The waves crashing up for extra effect, sending a cool sea spray over us as we watched. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ‘time-out’ from my studies.





With the sun set and another day gone, I smiled as I breathed in the sea air knowing that I was another day closer to the end of my exams. I won’t mention the panic I feel because I’m feeling rather unprepared this year. We strolled back home as dusk set in and kicking off my shoes it was good to know I was about to settle down to pizza and a movie and the best company in town!



I simply love how sometimes the most ordinary things become extraordinary, simply by doing them with the right person!

Two more weekends of my life and it’s all over. Bear with me. Life, as I know it, will resume shortly with even more dollops of fun added to the mix!

~ All Photos By Me ~

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