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Two weeks ago I was approached by Cheriz, a fellow blogger, to participate in posts called “Blogs Around the World.” So here goes:

There are four questions that come with the post, which I answer below and for those who are new or old favourites to my blog you may learn something new about me or find out something you didn’t really know. I first featured Cheriz on my blog as she is one of the courageous warriors who live with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and she shared a bit of her story on my blog as I prepared to climb the first of my high altitude mountains as I raised funds for those living with CF. You can check out her guest post here and if you would like to check out her blog where she talks about her daily life and CF, you can check out her blog here.

I’m thrilled to take up the invite to do this posting challenge and at the end I’ll share three bloggers that I in turn follow and will add links to their pages.

What am I working on?

This is a loaded question. What am I not working on! Firstly I’m currently in the process of studying for my final psych honours degree exams, which I do part-time when I’m not working and when I’m not trying to keep my social life alive.

My next big project that I am working on as soon as my exams are over is climbing my 3rd mountain for my Seven Summits Journey to raise awareness and funds for those living with Cystic Fibrosis. The next mountain is currently set to be Mount Elbrus in Russia. Not only will I get to climb another mountain, but I’ll get to see Russia, how cool is that?! Also considering, my name comes from the movie Doctor Zhivago, which my mom apparently loved ~ I will get to travel to Russia to see where it was all set. Now maybe I should actually make a plan to watch the movie and not fall asleep half way through it!

As this is my final year studying part-time, I am looking forward to loads of training next year and exciting adventures as I train and get myself into top physical form again, all of which will be shared right here on my blog as I prepare for mountain adventure number three. Another project I am still working on finishing is writing my story of my last mountain journey, which was climbing Aconcagua (6962m) in Argentina earlier this year. It has been a bad year for computers and electronics with me, everything practically crashing and burning, but I’m up and running again at home so once my exams are all done I am hoping to have all the posts completed along with photos of my journey and I’m looking at posting them daily as part of the 1 year anniversary of climbing her slopes in January, so watch this space.

How does my work differ from others in the same genre?

I’m not sure I can be boxed into any specific genre as I post about everything and anything that is in my life or I write about anything that touches my life. I can post anything from my mountain climbing adventures, to raising awareness for Cystic Fibrosis, to something that has inspired me and in hope that it will inspire someone else out there. I write about this incredible journey as I make my way through life. I never know what’s next so adventure is always there waiting to be discovered…. Put in a box, I cannot be.

Why do I blog?

I was never a blogger, the calling to blog never really came to me. I always loved writing my thoughts down when I was growing up but sharing it with the world never ever crossed my mind. However, I had a dream and to enable me to spread the word about what I was doing and why I was doing it, coupled with allowing fellow beings to share my amazing journey with me, I decided to take the plunge and so on Sunday, 11th March 2012, my blog Walking4Air was born. The name of my blog ties into my climbing mountains (Walking) and that I’m doing it for Cystic Fibosis (4Air) by trying to raise funds and awareness to help those who live with CF to breathe a little easier.

My dream that started it all went back many years, the course had always been clear and the vision was set and on the 6th July 2012 I left the comforts of my home and headed out to Tanzania where I got to realise one of my biggest dreams yet. I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in memory of the best friend anyone could ever have. Her name was Emma Walker and she was my inspiration.

This blog began purely to chronicle my journey of summiting that incredible mountain and the reason why I was doing it. I hiked 5895m above sea level in honour of my best friend, a brave young amazing women who fought the effects of Cystic Fibrosis (CF) with such determination and bravery. Sadly, Emma lost her battle with CF in May 1995. There is still currently NO cure for CF.  I tied my climb up the mountain with raising funds for those living with CF and by the end of my journey, an amazing small army of soldiers had rallied around and helped me raise an incredible R20 191.00 for those living with CF. With each step I took on Kilimanjaro it became harder for me to breath as I gained altitude, but it was a reminder to me that this is a mere drop in the ocean compared to what people living with CF have to endure in their lifetime.

Looking back, I never thought that 2 ½ years later my journey would have expanded like it has. My dream has now grown and I now dream of climbing ALL Seven Summits. The Seven Summits are the highest mountains on each continent around the world. My Seven Summits journey is in memory of my best friend, Emma. I do this for all those living with CF and I pray every day I will live to see the day a cure has been found. Until then, I will continue to share my life’s journey as I raise awareness whenever I can for those living with CF.

How does my writing process work?

I write whenever I can, which isn’t always as often as I would like, purely because life gets busy – like now studying and writing exams. Something which I am finding painful and completely inconvenient! If something inspires me I write about it, if I do something in nature whether it’s training for my next big climb or just taking in the beauty at the beach, I usually post that too. I post a weekly ChooseDay (Choose /Tuesday – Choose your attitude) post aimed at inspiring whomever reads my blog to live life fully and to remember that they always have a choice in what they do and how they do it. I write from the heart, always. Life touches me deeply, the beauty that is all around and I hope that, in my writing, that is what comes across to my readers. I always strive to inspire and create the seeds of hope in this world because at the end of the day I firmly believe life is good and so are the people in this world.


My nominees are:

Lastly, I’d like to nominate my next three bloggers who I hope feel free to continue to link others and/or share their story with us. My nominees are:

 Tim Wotton: Postcards from Earth

Tim Wotton is an active family man who lives with Cystic Fibrosis but never lets CF overshadow his life. Tim realises he may have a reduce life expectancy and that his is battling the odds as a 40-something year old with CF. Tim shares his life lessons with his readers, his joys, his struggles and his journey to overcoming it all. His posts are inspiring and funny and leave you feeling blessed. Click here to check out Tim’s blog.

Alissa: Mad Child, Angry Mama

Alissa, writes a brutally honest account of what it is like to be a single mom, parenting five children with mental illness. She posts about her journey as she navigates life striving for the best for her five children who have many mental health needs. In her own words she says “life often leaves me feeling isolated, overwhelmed and angry.” She advocates for change to mental health issues and as an angry Mama with a mad, tortured child, she would love the support and help and sometimes hugs from her readers. Click here to check out Alissa’s blog.

Katie Schulz: Cystic Fibrosis Mom

This is a blog about a regular mom, bringing up her beautiful daughter, Sophia, who also happens to have Cystic Fibrosis. Like me, Katie dreams of helping finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. Katie’s posts share her journey of bringing up her daughter and more often than not, ooze excitement and joy as she walks this path with her daughter. In so many ways she reminds us to look for the beauty that is all around us even in the times that are tough because in every moment, there is always a blessing to be found. Katie’s word remind me of that. Click here to check out Katie’s blog.

 ~ Thanks for Reading, Keep Spreading the Love ~

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