A Girl Named Emma

Once upon a time, in the beautiful town of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK,  there was a girl named Emma…

Emma was born to Janice and David Walker on the 24th July 1975.  She was also the new baby sister to Tracy.  They lived in the UK for a few years before moving out to South Africa in 1981.  Emma is the reason behind this blog. She was my best friend.

We met one morning in primary school and since that day we became inseparable! We did everything together, we shared life’s ups and down and dreamed impossible dreams!  

She was a great friend.

No, actually, she was the most amazing friend anyone could ever have!

She was quite a bit shorter than me and beautifully petite, but oh boy does dynamite come in small packages! She was funny, she was crazy, she was so full of life.  Emma was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder that particularly affects the lungs and digestive system and makes kids who have it more vulnerable to repeated lung infections. Growing up I often visited Emma while she was in hospital. She was always upbeat when I visited, she got a bit bored at times as days were long and during the week we were all at school but she never let her illness get the better of her.

I have the best memories of Emma, thinking about them they still make me laugh today!  This page and all its sub-pages will be all about Emma. I will update it as I go along and share memories I have of our time together.  You can find these memories listed under this page, just hover your mouse over the tab “A Girl Named Emma”.

Even thought these memories are personal one’s that might not mean much to you, this is my tribute to my life shared with my best friend Emma while growing up.  I hope in some way it may inspire you, no matter what your circumstances, to live your best life and to always find the laughter within!

“Someday many years from now
We’ll sit beside the candles glow
Exchanging tales about our past
And laughing as the memories flow
And when that distant day arrives
I know it will be understood
That friendship is the key to live
And we were friends and it was good”.

~ Eileen Hehl

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