Memories ~ Growing Old Together

I came across this picture today and it just makes me smile from the inside out and instantly I think of Emma. Emma may have lived with Cystic Fibrosis but she never stopped dreaming or living her life to the fullest.

We had so many dreams together, some were outrageously crazy like how one day the two of us were going to become famous singers. Neither of us could sing to save our lives (although having said that Emma was by far better than me) but we used to sing and mess around and we were adamant, one day we were going to be famous! We would be spotted by some talent scout and before we knew it we would be up on a stage somewhere with thousands upon thousands of fans standing before us, screaming our names. The memory makes me laugh. We used to stand there with make shift microphones in our hands and belt out our latest favourite song at the top of our voices! Such fond memories that just make me smile.

We also always talked about growing old together and being these two old “farts” (one of many nicknames we had for each other) sitting in our rocking chairs on the porch laughing away at some silly joke that was no doubt not funny at all or checking out the cute old man walking past. I see this picture above and I miss her terribly. I miss all the dreaming we used to do together.  When Emma sent me cards in the post, if they weren’t “Me To You” Bears on the card it was old people like in the one above, but there were always funny and every time they got me laughing. Emma would always write some reference inside the card saying “that’s you and me on the front of the card.”

Emma had the best sense of humour! She was a soul that just light up everything and everyone around her.

I cherish the dreams we dreamt together, as crazy as they were, each one real and another memory shared bonding our friendship together.

It appears I’m taking the long way to heaven my friend…. But one day when the time is just perfect, I know you will be waiting at those pearly gates for me.

~ Yip girl, that’s you and me, still growing old gracefully together in spirit! ~

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  1. Naomi Baltuck
    May 18, 2013 @ 09:18:23

    This is so moving.


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