Memories ~ Karma Never Skips A Beat!


Emma and I attended the same primary school and then high school but much to my horror, at the end of Standard Seven (Grade 9), my parents told me they were moving me to another school. I was adamant I wouldn’t go. But that didn’t go down so well with them!

One day during the December school holidays that year I got my new uniform for my new school. To say I hated it was an undertatement! It was the most revolting turquoise colour and I dreaded from the moment I saw it ever been seen in public while wearing it.

I remember vividly the day I showed Emma. It was hanging up in my cupboard and the minute I opened the cupboard door she practically fell over laughing. She thought it was hysterical! Once she finally stopped laughing she told me between grunts of laughter that she was glad she wasn’t the one who would have to wear that!  I didn’t find any of it funny and in fact had hoped for some sympathy from my best friend. 

But karma is a beautiful, beautiful thing…..

January rolled around and off I went to start Standard Eight (Grade 10) at my new school in the uniform I found so repulsive. I had completed about day two at my new school, making new friends and trying to find my way when I came home that afternoon to receive our usual daily phone call from Emma, but this time with some exciting news (well for me anyway). This time it was my turn to collapse on the floor laughing.

Emma began telling me her news, she was changing schools and coming to join me! How delightful, she would have to wear the very same uniform she had collapsed in a heap laughing about!

We grew to love that uniform, and once you got used to the colour it wasn’t that bad afterall. All that mattered for me from that point on was that my best, best friend was back with me again!

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