Memories ~ Pink Sky Night


Going back a few years to our primary school days, Emma used to walk to my house and from there we would walk to school together. As we got older we used to ride our bikes to school. Although we spent all day at school together once we got home and finished our homework we were either on the phone to each other or one of us would go over to the other one’s house. We were inseparable. One of my vivid memories of primary school was riding to school together on our bikes and the sky was lit up with clouds turning brilliant pink as the sun rose to start a new day. Emma mutter something about pink sky’s and delight. I looked over at her as we rode with raised eyebrows.  She said “oh come on have you never heard that?”.  I just shrugged and said no. She proceeded to recite it a few times for me. It took a few times but eventually I got it and now whenever I see a sunrise or sunset turning the sky to another brilliant colour, I think of Emma. It’s like she’s playing up there in the sky with God, forever reminding me of her and often I find myself reciting her words…

“Pink sky night, shepherds delight. Pink sky morning, shepherds warning”.

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