Memories ~ The Case Of The Missing Honey Sandwich


Location: Ceres, Western Cape

Time: Somewhere in the middle of 1990


One weekend in 1990 Emma and I tagged along for a weekend away in Ceres as my parents were going.  This weekend was loaded with fond memories and we literally had the time of our lives, swimming, boys, canoeing, getting up to mischief and literally laughing till the cows came home!  

Fast forward a bit to Saturday afternoon of that particular weekend, Emma and I had gone back to the bungalow where we were staying and made ourselves some sandwiches and climbed up into the loft where the two of us were sleeping while there. We had plans to make for a midnight swim with some boys we had met!  But before I get sidetracked… So up we climb and settle down and Emma starts eating her sandwich. I looked around for mine but it had disappeared. I know I had brought it up because I had to climb the ladder while holding my plate. We looked everywhere, under our duvets, under books and just to be sure I peeked out of the loft and into the kitchen to see if I could see it lying down there. Nope, it wasn’t there either.

Eventually, both of us getting really annoyed that we couldn’t find this stupid sandwich (I mean seriously we had plans to make), we both stood up and started turning the loft upside down! It was while looking for my elusive sandwich that I looked up and there was Emma standing with her back towards me, lifting up duvets and pillows and looking everywhere, that I found my honey sandwich, planted firmly to her bum!!!

Needless to say, I never got to eat my honey sandwich!! :)

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