To-Do Lists ~ The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

There is a power of sorts in making lists ~ scrawled on torn paper, a scribble on the palm of my hand, notes on my phone, multi-coloured post-it ‘must-do’ notes. They are all over ~ reminders I scribble down as I think of them ~ what to buy, what needs to get done and any info relating to my trip.  They have become container of sanity, my life safer.

In the age of modern technology I’ve started to use my phone mostly for my notes now, which make it really convenient as my phone is mostly with me and at the click of the finger I have my list of what I still need in the palm of my hand.

Today, I got my prescription for my Diamox and malaria tablets filled. I am still undecided about the malaria tablets and have a feeling even if I do take them, my taking them is not going to last longer than a week but I guess time will tell!

Diamox ~ Check : Malaria tablets ~ Check.

My list of things to buy is getting shorter all the time. I’ve still got a few “biggies” (as in gear) to buy but every time I go past a shop I buy another little something that I still need for the trip. The other day I bought Spar out of “Game” cooldrink mix because they were selling it for a ridiculously cheap price! Since Fish River Canyon, adding Game cooldrink mix to water that has had water purification tablets added to it just makes it takes so much nicer! Call it a little “comfort” from home!

No matter how small it’s another item ticked off the list.

I want to test my Diamox before I go only problem is to find the time to test it out. My weekends are pretty full at the moment and are mostly spent hiking, although I suppose finding a rock or tree to squat behind as I empty my bladder might be good practice for Kili. Not sure if it’s a good idea to take the tablets during the week else I might spend my day in my companies bathroom constantly emptying out my bladder due to Diamox been a “water pill” (diuretic), not to mention a few other odd side-effects or should I say sensations!

Now when I last wrote about my dilemma as to whether to take Diamox or not (See my post To Diamox or not to Diamox) a friend emailed me to offer me this advice:

Sent: 14 May 2012 20:50
To: Lara Hinrichsen
Subject: Latest blog

Dear Lara,

As an avid follower of your epic journey towards Kilimanjaro, I was appalled to hear of your latest “diuretic” dilemma! I have therefore taken it upon myself to do some extensive research into the matter… Please follow the below link and let me know if my research into your problem has paid off. I was so excited to see that there was a viable solution to your problem and I hope that you can share this excitement with me!!

Nothing, and I mean nothing (not even your bladder) should come between you and the mountain!

I can only hope that you take my advice and make this purchase, I can promise you that it will be money well spent!!

Click here

All my love!

Honestly, after laughing really hard for about 10 minutes I sat wondering what I would do without friends like this?!! Sometimes good support and encouragement is hard to find! Thanks for the tip Jess, I might seriously have to look into that one!

Waves of excitement keep washing over me, just last night I sat clicking through a friends Kilimanjaro album. He climbed and successfully summited Kilimanjaro in 2004. His photo’s are beautiful and looking at each one gave me goosebumps and the realisation hits me that soon I’m going to be seeing all of that first hand. I’m going to be standing on that mountain. I’m going to be walking through Alpine Desert, I’m going to be photographing funny trees and walking through rain forests. Not to mention I’m going to witness sunrise and sunset from this beautiful, majestic mountain AND I’m going to see the glaciers before they completely disappear!! Me. Me. Me. Someone pinch me please.

~ Somersaults & Back Flips ~ We still have one girl whose excitement levels have long ago left the measurement scale and is yet to come back down! ~

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