Fall of a Hero or Tragic Accident?


South Africa’s Olympic hero arrested for shooting his girlfriend.

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Today, 14th of February is known around the world as the day of love. A day where you shower your loved one with extra love, little surprises and maybe even declaring your love to someone who had no idea. It is a day that should be filled with happiness, love and joy.

But this morning, just before dawn in a suburb in Pretoria, South Africa, the day would turn into one of disbelief, heartbreak, tears and unanswered questions.

I awoke this morning to hear of the terribly tragic news that South Africa’s Olympic double amputee running hero, Oscar Pistorius, had allegedly shot his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp in his home in error after mistaking her for a burglar. The news saddened me and horrified me at the same time. What an awful thing to have happened.


Reeva Steenkamp, girlfriend to Oscar Pistorius, shot dead in the early hours of this morning.

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Living in South Africa, easily believable and my heart went out to him at that time knowing we live in a country where sadly, thieves break into your house at night while you sleep and it’s your right to protect yourself. I know I certainly would. Although, having said that I do not own a gun and nor do I wish to ever own a gun. I don’t even sleep with a knife under my bed. Weapons make me nervous so I would rather not have them near me. I recall a time a few years ago I house sat a single ladies house and as I still sometimes do today in my adulthood, if the bed is a high bed I kneel down and check underneath. Not for monsters anymore but more just to check no one is hiding underneath there. I never really thought about what I would do if I found someone under the bed but I have never had to find out and hope I never do. On that particular evening, my first in the house, I knelt down to look under the bed as it was a bed high off the ground. I gasped at what I found under the bed. There lying on the floor was a huge machete.  I knew it was there for her protection just in case, but knowing it was there just made me more nervous. Too often senseless tragedies happen when weapons are around. I know weapons are not for me ~ each to their own I guess.

I arrived at work and everyone was talking about the Oscar Pistorius news. “Can you believe it?” one said with disbelief on their face. Another asked after saying hello to me, “Did you hear about Oscar Pistorius?” “So Tragic.” Then as the day went on, more information started to emerge…

The police, unable to divulge too many details until the court case, which was postponed until tomorrow, leaving Oscar to spend the night behind bars, stated that they didn’t know where the story came from about Oscar shooting his girlfriend, having mistaken her for a burglar.  The police also confirmed they would oppose bail. The first signs of possible foul play begin to swirl around in the air and you start to question whether this really was a tragic mistake.

Originally, news reports stated she was shot twice, later it was confirmed she was shot four times. Four times?





Fast on the finger, trigger happy or scared for your life?

More articles appeared online as the day went on ~ reports of  previous domestic disturbances at Oscar’s home. Other reports gave new info that it was in fact the neighbours that phoned the police. Suddenly, you really begin to wonder if there was more to what was happening in the early hours of the morning in the walls of Oscar’s home. Details are still sketchy and only once the bail hearing has been heard in court will we possibly find out a few more details.

The world is abuzz and the news headlines are flashing across the world.  It is a sad day in South Africa, the world watches.


News headlines of the tragedy around the world taking centre stage.

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Tonight, Oscar Pistorius will spend the night in jail. His dad spoke to reporters earlier and reported that Oscar was “sad”.  I don’t know about you, but if I had mistakenly shot and killed a loved one I would be absolutely devastated and completely distraught. But having said that, we all deal with grief differently.

My thoughts go out to Reeva Steenkamp’s family and loved one’s and to Oscar Pistorius’ family too.

I am sure I, along with the rest of my country, hope and pray that this is a horrendous act of mistaken identity.  It is almost too hugely sad to think that our South African hero may have fallen. A Valentines Day that was supposed to be filled with red symbolising love is now filled with the red of blood.

Today I wore blue to work after receiving an email from our HR department yesterday asking us to stand in union and show our support for our country just like we show our support when the World Cup Rugby is on by wearing our rugby jerseys to work and when it’s the World Cup Soccer we wear our National teams tops ~ All in the name of support. The blue was for a campaign, which to be honest I had heard nothing about, to show support for those victims of abuse. Almost all the girls at head office today wore blue. It was a strong message of support and was amazing to see all the women standing together and how appropriate on a day on where news began to unfold of a mistaken shooting only to later have news surface of possible previous domestic disturbances at that very house where the tragic shooting occurred hours earlier.

Tomorrow the entire country has been called to wear black to show support and to stand up against rape.  I know many of my colleagues at Head Office will be wearing black tomorrow, I know I will.


Black Friday, a call to all South African’s to stand together.

It is a sad reality that we live in a time of crime and such violence against our fellow human beings.  Where is the love?

The facts are still not know and there is always two sides to any story. Sadly, Reeva Steenkamp is not able to speak for herself but the wheel always turns and I am a firm believer that the truth will always be revealed.

My heartfelt condolences go out to Reeva Steenkamp’s loved ones.  May God be with the all the loved one’s looking for answers tonight and in the days and weeks to come. May they be comforted and held in the gentle hands of a nation and world watching.

I still hope and pray this all turns out to be a senseless, horrible, horrible mistake.

In a world where we need hero’s, I hope we as South African’s do not have to watch an inspirational hero to many, fall from grace.

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