Delicious Autumn!

Outside, leaves flurry down to the ground in a beautiful final flight, landing in a pile on the dew covered grass, the wind swirling the leaves around in a circle like small tornado sweeping across the beautiful park…

The weather is cooling down in the southern hemisphere and after a wonderful, long, hazy, and hot summer the seasons are beginning to change, and quickly too. The sun is now longer as warm as it was a month ago and a cool breeze usually chills the night air. The flowers and grass are smothered in the morning dew, making everything sparkle in the early morning sunshine.  The delicious aromas of homemade soup and the smell of warm curries that makes the mouth water begin to fill the air. These scents remind us that winter is coming.

Late last night just after I arrived home, the heavens opened for the first time in a long time.  Leaving my bedroom in darkness, I slipped off my shoes and climbed onto my bed as I lay watching the rhythm of the rain through my glass sliding door as it fell outside, every window open allowing the beautiful earth’s scent in that always accompanies the first drops of rain.  I lay there in the dark, watching the rain drops dance, my garden rejoicing as the melodic music of the rain soothed my soul.

I absolutely love summer, but I love winter equally as much. It’s a time for snuggling, watching movies, sleeping in late, hot chocolate, listen to the rain, Wellington boots, friends gathering around the dinner table, dreaming, splashing in puddles and walking in the rain.

Autumn is a time to start preparing for winter, slowing down, reflecting, and taking stock.

I am ready for skinny jeans, knee-high boots, pretty scarves wrapped around my neck and beanies of all colours, shapes and sizes and warm winter jackets, sitting in front of the fire-place, reading books and drinking red wine and as winter comes, for me it’s a beautiful time for hiking on the lush green slopes of the mountain with the fresh, clean air that only autumn and winter can bring.

Autumn is a beautiful time, where the days hold a steady richness of fall’s treasures. It is a time to breathe in the clean, crisp air. It’s a time to let your mind float away a little…

Delicious autumn!

A sense of magic begins to fill the air. Behold the changing leaves and bursts of colours. A slight breeze whispers along the trees, the days are growing shorter, the piles of leaves and the puddles call out to you and suddenly we are all eight years old again and anything is possible.


Aah yes,

Delicious Autumn

You have arrived!

All pics from Favim

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